MARCH 2020


02In the second half of 2020, a collaboration between Studiotorino and the European Institute of Design in Turin was born. Maria Paola Stola gets a university teaching position in a Transportation Design workshop with eighty students for eighty hours of lessons.
The teaching is completely online due to the lockdown for Covid 19 with the students divided into four classes from various parts of the world; due to the different time zones, students were forced to make particular sacrifices.

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Spring 2020. Villarbasse. Online lessons from the Stola home studio.

Throughout the 100 years of the work history of the Stola family, the fundamental technological steps of design and construction of the automobile have been analysed and re-evaluated, the fundamental phases for the realization of prototypes were established in Stola s.p.a. and later in Studiotorino.
In parallel, the students designed a lunar rover in accordance with NASA's plans for the Artemis Mission, that will bring the first woman and another man to the moon in the year 2024.
The lessons held over a three-month period focused not only on the mobility of the earth but also on that of our natural satellite.
A group project, normally carried out in the classroom with exchanges of views and knowledge, given the pandemic situation, had to be transformed into individual projects. Eighty lunar Rover projects will be progressed following the technical guidelines published by NASA aimed at industries all over the world.
Here are some examples of the work done.













The second workshop which took place in the first semester A.A. 2020-21 focused once again on the work done by the Stola family in the automotive field over 100 years.
The evolution over time of the creation of the car and all the steps required to bring a car into production.
Processes that naturally concern the world of design.
The collaboration with the IED university was stimulating from an intellectual point of view, prompting us to retrace the history of 100 years over and over again.


37One of the most exciting topics of this workshop.Unpublished films, complete projects and exclusive photos of particular cars such as the Lancia Stratos Zero, seen after the restoration of the mechanics followed by Alfredo Stola for the collector Phillip Sarofim.
The thing that most gratified us was the satisfaction, interest and passion shown by the students and the management of IED Turin led by Professor Michele Albera.

Autumn 2020. Maria Paola Stola during the DAD lessons.didascalia


2 JULY 2020

On 2 July 2020, in this year of lockdown for Covid 19, Maria Paola Stola for Studiotorino was external speaker for the graduation theses of the students Skender Zdrava and Fabrizio Allione of IAAD (Institute of Applied Art and Design).
As usual, the titles of the theses were chosen by Studiotorino, a commissioned work is simulated
whereby the student becomes the "supplier".

012 July 2020 Room X Online discussion of IAAD Torino theses.

02Commisione di tesi per Skender Zdrava 03Discussion of Fabrizio Allione's thesis.

The titles this year were “Porsche Udara” with Zdrava, an electric SUV designed on the chassis of the Taycan model, an exercise in interior and exterior style following the philosophy of Studiotorino.







Another project,” Maserati Zefiro” by Allione, a Gran Turismo inspired by the Maserati stylistic elements of the 70s with notable modern interpretations.

Sketch finale della Maserati Zefiro, fuoriserie STUDIOTORINO di Fabrizio Allione.Final sketch of the Maserati Zefiro, STUDIOTORINO custom-built by Fabrizio Allione.



Varie fasi della ricerca di design.Various stages of design research.

The undergraduates presented their theses online in July, but, with great surprise given the situation, on 6 October, Dr. Laura Milani, director of IAAD, organized an unforgettable graduation ceremony which was held at the Juventus Stadium. Three hundred students heard their name announced by the historic speaker of the Turin team, in front of a restricted but still numerous audience of parents, friends and teachers.

6 ottobre 2020. Juventus Stadium Torino. Graduation Day IAAD 2020.6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Graduation Day IAAD 2020.

21The director Dr. Laura Milani proclaims the graduates.22Professor Masato Inoue and Maria Paola.

6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Proclamation of Skender Zdrava.didascalia

6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Proclamation by Fabrizio Allione.didascalia


 15 OCTOBER 2021

Studiotorino in the academic year 2020/21 for the IAAD university, decided to assign thesis titles that did not address the issues of traditional mobility.
Maria Paola Stola was external advisor for these two degree theses by the students Miriel Merulla and Marco Traversa.



Graduate Miriel Merulla was asked to imagine and design a Lunar Rover Vehicle for the NASA Artemis 2024 mission, later postponed to 2025, which will bring the first woman and another man to the moon.
First step to approach the reality of a group of astronauts who will prepare the journey to Mars from our natural satellite with a large deployment of means. The project has been studied in detail with skills acquired from materials available on the sites of NASA and private partners, the name of this multifunctional vehicle is SOULMOON.
The next frontier of mobility starts from the Moon and Studiotorino is already ready to open its horizons with new vehicles.




  Read the thesis Click Here





The graduate Marco Traversa in the academic year 2020/21 for the IAAD university instead ventured on a work of absolute fantasy, the brief was to be inspired by the VisionGT contest created for the Sony Gran Turismo videogame which proposed to design concept cars for videogame competitions.
It was decided to develop a one-off LANCIA with the commemorative name G.L.-ONE in honor of Gianni Lancia who had strongly wanted and founded the racing department of the Turin company.

1953 Gianni Lancia qualche minuto prima della partenza della sua Lancia D24.1953 Gianni Lancia a few minutes before the start of his Lancia D24.1983. Lancia LC 21983. Lancia LC 2

The inspiration for this video game Gran Turismo comes from that magical period of the 1980s of the Lancia Martini Endurance, piloted and driven to their maximum victories by the great drivers Patrese and Alboreto.



 Read the thesis Click Here


On 29 June both theses were discussed online, in addition to Maria Paola Stola and the two undergraduates, Masato Inoue was present...


2129 June 2021 Maria Paola Stola.




On October 15 at the Allianz Stadium in Turin was held the Ceremony of proclamation of Bachelor's Degree A.Y. 2020/21 of the IAAD.


3015 October 2021 Allianz Stadium in Turin.

32Maria Paola Stola and Miriel Merulla.31Maria Paola Stola and Marco Traversa.

October 15, 2021. Some moments of the ceremony in which Miriel Merulla and Marco Traversa are proclaimed.didascalia

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