June 9, 2013, STUDIOTORINO annunces to the press the project and the drawings of the next "prototype" named MONCENISIO, derived once again from the Porsche Cayman S type 981.
The MONCENISIO's styling is the work of architect and log time friend of Stola family, Daniele Gaglione, who has generously put his signature to the design.
The prototype will be presented in Torino at the beginning of spring 2014.




Between June 18 and October 29, 2013, two of our prototypes, the 2005 RK Spyder and the 2006 RKCoupè, were displayed at The National Automobile Museum, MAUTO, in Turin. The two prototypes will be displayed alongside seven Italian and German design masterpieces as part of a semiannual exhibition on auto body design.
For us at STUDIOTORINO it was a great privilege to be invited to participate aboard true icons of design at one of the most important museums in the world.
Our participation at the exhibition allows us to think with excitement that the RK models are becoming "classics".


01Turin June 18 / November 5, 2013, at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin, together with the STUDIOTORINO RK Spyder and Coupé, ALFA ROMEO 8C Spider and Coupè, BMW 1000 Miglia, GIUGIARO Parcour, GIUGIARO Brivido, LANCIA Delta Integrale Spider, STOLA S81, STOLA Abarth Monotipo, Lamborghini Cala, Lamborghini Egoista.


On the occasion of the tenth design contest  " Autostyle Design Competition " arranged by Berman S.p.a. in Porto Mantovano  on October 5th   2013,  Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola presented the project named "COUPETORINO  on  MERCEDES BENZ SL".
Among the other guest speakers were Robin Page (Volvo), Alessandro Maccolini (Alfa Romeo) Flavio Manzoni (Ferrari) and Giovanni Ribotta (Maserati).
It was a great opportunity  to meet some of the most world-renowned  key players in car business as well as students from the most prestigious design schools all over  the world. 

01Porto Mantovano. Maria Paola Stola presents the report "COUPETORINO on MERCEDES BENZ SL".02"COUPETORINO on MERCEDES BENZ SL".

03Villa di Bagno - Porto Mantavano.04Flavio Manzoni and LaFerrari, star of the event.


W Motors www.wmotors.ae presents its World Premiere pre-production car  “Lykan HyperSport 2014” at the Dubai International Motor Show on November the 5th 2013.
The extraordinary design was conceived and realized by Ralph Debbas and Antony Jannarelly from W Motors.
STUDIOTORINO was involved in the pre-production car realization  as an “advisor”, assisting Magna Steyr Italia in all activities pertaining to “interior maquette modelling” and “prototype support team"

01Firs line from left: R. Iraldi, B. Comollo. Second line from left: C.Carena M.Marangon, G. Buttiglieri, D.Secoli, F.Secoli, R.Debbas, T.Novo, R.Debbas, A Stola S.El Khalil, J Khabbaz, A. Jannarelly. Therd line from left: C Obbreja, G.Benaggia, S.Suraci, P.Damiano, N.Candido, W.Miranda, G.Scardino, V.Vernacea, E.Rizzardi, S.Boero, G.Federici, S.Lo Piccolo, R.Brilli, M.Ravizza, M.Bonando, M.Mingozzi, G.Boccafogli, M.Coletto.

02Dubai, November 5, 2013, Ralph Debbas and Sari El-Khalil, of W Motors, at the world prémière of the "pre production car" Lykan Hypersport 2014, at the Dubai International Motor Show.


March 21st, 2014. National Automobile Museum of Turin, MAUTO. Presentation of the new MONCENSIO Coachbuilt.
Derived from the Porsche Cayman S Type 981.


The MONCENISIO maintains the original structure, frame, mechanics, engine, emissions, and safety and reliability characteristics of the vehicle of origin.
Traditional Turin school methods of manual modeling and styling of the body, painting and interior trimming will be utilized.
The MONCENISIO'S styling is the work of architect Daniele Gaglione, long time friend of the Stola family, who has generously given his name to the design work.
The styling was inspired by the 1963 Porsche Type 904 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and continues as well as evolves the styling of Studiotorino's 2006 RK Coupé. More contemporary, clean and dynamic lines characterize the MONCENISIO.


03The one-off Moncenisio STUDIOTORINO on the Moncenisio Pass Road. The interior and exterior colors have been inspired by the beautiful nature of the lake and fields. The bold trim and colors was done by Maria Paola.


June 13th, 2014. On the occasion of the 150° anniversary of Magirus Deutz,at Ulm Head Quarter in Germany, besides the whole production, of two functional prototypes of a new generation crew cab for First Aid Fire De-partment was presented. Studiotorino and Spadaconcept, in partnership, were advisors for Magna Steyr Italia about technical and style design.

01The style drawing by Spadaconcept..

02Iveco facility in Ulm. The Magirus Deutz truck with the functional prototype. Alfredo Stola, Flavio Secoli, Raffaele Sperandeo, Massimo Mingozzi e Davide Secoli

The functional prototypes has got 7/8 workstations, fully equipped in any detail. Engineered by Magna Steyr, it has been conceived around the fireman, focusing on the ergonomics of the man fully equipped for emergency with oxygen tank. On the occasion of this important anniversary, these special trucks have been visited and tested by hundreds of fire workers from all over the world. This was a very important marketing operation.

03Rivoli, May 24th, 2014. the functional prototype before
leaving to ULM

04Ulm, June 14, 2014 Sergio Marchionne, CNH Industrial N. V. president, attending the 150°anniversary event, look over the fire fighter functional prototype.


On April 24th, 2015 in Beijing, STUDIOTORINO had been invited at the Fast and Furious 7 Prémière organized by Universal. A very important and exclusive event with the movie stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham.


STUDIOTORINO, who is the Magna Steyr Italia advisor, supervised at the construction of the red stunt cars "W Motors Lykan Hypersport" employed in several scenes of this movie production.

02From left Tiziano Novo (Magna Steyr), Ralph Debbas (WMotors), the movie star Jason Statham,
Sari El-Khalil (WMotors), Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino).

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