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00Villarbasse 2022: photo by Piotr Degker Jablonsky published in his book “Made in Italy” with the three prototypes by Studiotorino.

June 15, 2021 Drubiaglio: A privilege to be able to listen to Maestro Marcello Gandini.June 15, 2021 Drubiaglio: A privilege to be able to listen to Maestro Marcello Gandini.


001Jan. 2005. Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola with Killer driving a Porsche 356 speedster.Established by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola and Marco Goffi on 1 January 2005, STUDIOTORINO aims to design cars and create one-off sports car bodies. Unique handcrafted "ad personam" pieces or in limited editions, for those who see in cars their three-dimensional expression of dreams and emotions.

With STUDIOTORINO, in 2024 Alfredo celebrated 105 years of work by the Stola family for the automobile that began way back in 1919.

002July 2006. Maria Paola Stola. 003July 2006. Marco Goffi.

0041982. Salò Maserati Chassis #2403 Engine #2409, Alfredo Stola with his friend Armando Cavallo at the 1st historical edition of " Circuito del Garda"For Studiotorino, also the study of Classic Cars is of great interest, In particular the historic concept cars created over the years by the illustrious masters of the industry.
STUDIOTORINO creates one-off for clients and collectors who share a passion for custom-built sport cars. Top-notch mechanics and meticulous handcrafted bodywork are the perfect combination for making "fine sports cars". The cars are built one at a time, piece by piece, in the finest Turin tradition. Additional technical support is provided by the best sponsors and partners.

The company's strategy relies on its organizational conception. It seeks partnerships with top-notch craftsmen and collaborates with the most prestigious names in the automotive field. Collaboration with the most renowned design schools and important projects with illustrious universities make STUDIOTORINO a point of reference for young students who have a special passion for automobiles.
Studiotorino also provides 'advisor' consultancy to primary brand operators.

Alfredo Stola's technical experience is the consequence of twenty-five years of work in STOLA S.p.A. in the Master Model, Style Models, Show Car and Engineering sectors between 1980 and 2004. 

005January 2005. Alfredo Stola selects the first sketches.

006Alfredo Stola in 1996 was the technical and commercial project manager for the developing of the model and concept-car Maybach.

Geneva 4 March 2003 The Stola GTS on display in the stand of STOLA s.p.a.Geneva 4 March 2003 The Stola GTS on display in the stand of STOLA s.p.a.
In those years, there were many opportunities for meetings with extraordinary men from the automotive world.
One of these was with Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, which took place between 1998 and 1999 on the occasion of the construction of two style models of the Cayenne, for the Porsche Design studio in Zell am See.
Interesting moments in his office would be the inspiration for two Stola S.p.A. prototypes a few years later. the S82 and the GTS and later with STUDIOTORINO with the Ruf RK Spyder and RK Coupè and finally the Moncenisio.
Precisely in March 2003, at the Geneva Motor Show, Stola S.p.A. presented the GTS prototype, based on the Porsche Boxter Type 986 with the iconic Gulf livery.
Alfredo Stola, remembering the collection of scale models in the Professor's office, in the spring of 2003 after the Salon, sent the first 1/43 example hand-made by the Brianza brothers together with the CD for journalists, directly to Porsche Design, via DHL.
It was truly incredible, many years later, to see his photographic portrait in his office published in 2012 in the book “Origin of the species” by Karl Ludvigsen, with the same GTS model with the CD for journalists on his right on the desk.

35September 2003 Zell am See: Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in his office with the scale model of the Type 904.

This photo portrait of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in his office in Zell am See appears in Karl Ludvigsen's book “The Origin of the Species” published in 2012.
It seems that this shot is from September 2003. At the bottom left on the desk you can see the scale model of the Stola GTS with the CD for journalists on it.


Lifelong family relationships and friendships born out of pure shared passion continue more than ever. Men and women of the automobile, collectors, and particular personalities, are an example and source of inspiration for us at Studiotorino.

007Turin  2005: Aldo Brovarone ( PININFARINA Designer for 35 years, retired in 1995 ) shows the drawings of the RUF Rk Coupé at A.Stola.

008Turin 2005: Marcello Gandini and A.Stola.

009Frankfurt 2005: Shiro Nakamura ( NISSAN - INFINITY Style Director ) and A.Stola.

010Vence, September 2005. Alfredo Stola with Paul Frère absolute winner in the Le Mans 24h race in the 1960 with his Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 and test driver for Porsche 901/911 and Mercedes C111.( Paul Frére was the first to test the Ruf RK Spyder for the magazine “Road & Track” ).

011Milan 2006: Bruno Sacco ( MERCEDES - MAYBACH -SMART Style Director retired in 1999 ) and A.Stola.012Bahrain 2006: A.Stola and Alois Ruf ( RUF AUTOMOBILE President ).

013Detroit 2006: Walter De Silva ( VW GRUOUP Style
Director )
, A.Stola, and Chris Bangle ( BMW GROUP Style Director )
014Detroit 2007: Gerry  McGovern ( LAND ROVER Style Director ) and A. Stola.

015Moncalieri May 2007: Mr Ciardelli Ruf RK Spyder before delivery to USA. Maria Paola e Alfredo Stola,
Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro ( ITALDESIGN ) and Marco Goffi.

016Geneva 2007: A.Stola and Wolfgang Egger ( ALFA ROMEO Style Director ).

017Geneva 2008: Peter Pfeiffer ( MERCEDES-SMART-MAYBACH Style Director ), A.Stola and GordenWagener
( MERCEDES Designer ).

018Geneva  2008: Harm Lagay ( PORSCHE Style Director ), A. Stola and Roland Heiler PORSCHE DESIGN” Style Director ).019Geneva 2009: John Elkann ( EXOR -FIAT GROUP ), Pierfranco Gavina (SALT ), HRH Price Khaled bin  al Waleed and A.Stola.

020Detroit 2010: Freeman Thomas ( FORD CALIFORNIA Style Director ) and A.Stola.021Kirchen - Sieg 2011: A.Stola and Peter Arcadipane
( MITSUBISHI Head Style Exterior ).

022Detroit 2011: Daniele Gaglione ALFA ROMEO Head Style Exterior ).023Geneva 2012: Giorgetto Giugiaro ( ITALDESIGN Founder ) and Maria Paola Stola.

024Geneva 2012: Flavio Manzoni ( FERRARI Style Director ) and A.Stola.025Paris 2012: Michael Mauer ( PORSCHE Style Director ), and A.Stola.

025Dubai 2013: Marek Reichman ( ASTOM MARTIN Style Director ) and A.Stola.027Weissach March 3 2014: Maria Paola Stola, Wolfgang Hatz
Head PORSCHE R&D and Motorsport) and A.Stola.

028Turin  2015: Frank Stephenson ( MECLAREN  Style Director ) and A.Stola.
029Turin 2015 A.Stola and Aldo Brovarone aboard
a Bugatti 57 Stelvio.

Turin  2015: Parco Valentino, Salone & Gran Premio. Ercole Spada, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Alfredo Stola, Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti.Turin  2015: Parco Valentino, Salone & Gran Premio. Ercole Spada, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Alfredo Stola, Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti.

030Geneva 2016: Tiziano Novo ( MAGNA STEYR ITALY General Manager ), Harald Wester ( FCA Tecnical Director ) and Alfredo Stola.031Geneva 2016: Maria Paola Stola, Robin Page ( VOLVO Style Director ) and A.Stola.

032Geneva 2016: Maria Paola Stola, Klaus Busse ( FCA EUROPE Style Director ) and A. Stola.033Cernobbio Villa DEste 2016: A.Stola and Paolo Spada
Founder ).

034Geneva 2016: Gorden Wagener ( MERCEDES- SMART-MAYBACH Style Director ), A.Stola
and Steffen Kohl 
MERCEDES-SMART- MAYBACH Advance Style Director ).


035Geneva 2018: A.Stola e Marc Lichte ( AUDI Style
Director ).
037Geneva 2018: Horacio Pagani ( PAGANI AUTOMOBILI ) with Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.

038Carmel, The Quail Lodge 2018: Achim Anscheidt
( BUGATTI Style Director ) and A.Stola.

038Carmel, Pebble Beach 2018: Maria Paola Stola and
Style Director )

039Dubai, Bulgari Club 2019 Ralph Debbas ( W MOTORS President. ), Tiziano Novo ( MAGNA STEYR ITALY General Manager ) and A.Stola.

040Cernobbio, Villa DEste 2019: A.Stola and Adrian van Hooydonk ( BMW- MINI Style Director ).041Carmel, Pebble Beach 2019: Calum Murray ( FORD Style Director ) and A.Stola.

Principato di Monaco June 2019: Maria Paola Stola and Phillip Sarofin (CEO MAYERS MANX Inc)Principato di Monaco June 2019: Maria Paola Stola and Phillip Sarofim (CEO MAYERS MANX Inc)

045Milano 2021 : Maria Paola Stola and Ercole Spada
( SPADACONCEPT  President )
044Poltu Quatu 2021: Mariella Mengozzi ( MAUTO Director ) and Maria Paola Stola.

042Torino 2023: Maria Paola Stola and Alessandro Dambrosio
( MITSUBISHI Style Director )
043Milano 2023: M.Silva, F.Acuto, A.Nivola ( FERRARI Style Team with A.Stola ).

047Turin 2023: Jean Pierre Plouè ( STELLANTIS EUROPE Style Director ), A.Stola and Maria Paola Stola.046Carmel, The Quali Lodge 2023: A.Stola and Ralph Gilles
( STELLANTIS USA Style Director ).

Agosto 2023 Pebble Beach: A.Stola with Anthony Lo ( FORD Design Director )CarmelPebble Beach 2023: A.Stola and Anthony Lo
( FORD Style Director ).
049 2024 andreani gavinaMilan ADI 2024: A.Stola, Pierangelo Andreani (Designer Maserati Biturbo) and Pierfranco Gavina (SALT).

050 2024 habibMilan ADI 2024: Karim Habib (KIA Style Center Director) and Alfredo Stola.051Como 2024: Aloisa Ruf, Maria Paola Stola
and Estonia Ruf.

0522024 Castelnuovo Rangone (Mo): A.Stola “Da Pasticcino”, his favorite restaurant with Luigi Montanini.
F1 chef, chosen by Enzo Ferrari at the end of the 70s for one of his ideas: MECHANICS AND DRIVERS TO DO WELL ON THE TRACKS MUST EAT WELL. Montanini cooked for Drake's last birthday in Maranello on 18 February 1988 with all his employees.


02November 2004, Torino. Aldo Brovarone sketching numerous proposals fot the STUDIOTORINO spider.


On June 16, 2005 in Turin at the Museo dell' Automobile Biscaretti di Ruffia, with the presentation of its first prototypes, RK and R Spyder, STUDIOTORINO completed its first creative cycle and officially gave way to the upon-request production of the first "One Off" based on the Porsche Boxster my 2005 type 987.

001RK Spyder coachbuilt by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N. W09CM23876PR06058

RUF R Spyder Coachbuild by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N.RUF R Spyder Coachbuild by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N.

002Turin, 17 th June 2005, Rk Spyder and R Spyder at a Torino Magazine Party on Lingotto Track.


02December 2005 Turin. Aldo Brovarone showing Alfredo the definitive sketches of the RK Coupé.

On August 18, 2006 in California, as a natural evolution of the project, STUDIOTORINO presented the RK Coupé at the "Quail Lodge" in Carmel, starting on this occasion the upon request production of the second "One Off" model based on the Porsche Cayman my 2006 type 987.

0418th August 2006, Carmel. Official presentation of the RK Coupé in the area dedicated to Ruf Automobile at The Quail Lodge.

001RK Coupè coachbuilt by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N. W09CB03836PR06074

002Carmel ( California ) August 19th, 2006. The RK Coupè in front of the historical fuel station "Gilmore".

0032005 Rk Spyder delivered to Italy0042005 R Spyder delivered to Germany

0052006 RK Coupè delivered to Italy0062006 Rk Spyder delivered to USA (Kansas)

0072007 Rk Spyder delivered to USA (New Hampshire)0082008 RK Coupè delivered to Germany


On February 8, 2008 STUDIOTORINO started a second creative cycle. The "Scrigno Tesori d'Italia" exhibition in Rome provided the occasion to present the Maserati  "Cinqueporte" and Fiat 500 PEPITA born as  style, trim and colour project commissioned by Studio M.
An exclusive station wagon with a sporty character and a small car rich in detail.
Both custom-built cars as in our tradition with the support of the technical Parnters Salt Gavina, ADM and Daniele Gagione

0011/4 scale model Maserati Cinqueporte.

002Fiat 500 PEPITA is painted with real 24kt gold content.
The tyres with gold walls supplied
by Pirelli.
003Maria Paola Stola. Dash-bord in mother of pearl, seats in embossed crocodile skin effect leather,interior details in swarovsky crystals.


0012008 Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Pierfranco Gavina - Salt, Alfredo Stola and Daniele Gaglione the designer.

September 5th, 2008, On behalf of STUDIOTORINO, Gianfranco Gavina (Salt), organized a meeting at the Hotel George V in Paris, Present were HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Alfredo Stola and the stylist Daniele Gaglione.

The prince requested two styling studies for a possible "One Off", to be realized on a chassis from an Audi R8 or Bugatti Veyron.

002Modena October 16, 2008. At the Maserati tower, Harald Wester, HRH Khaled bin Alwaleed and Alfredo Stola.003Maranello October 16, 2008. The Prince with his Bugatti Veyron visiting Ferrari.

The following October 16th , in order to examine the progress of the project taking place in Turin, Alfredo Stola organized a visit in Maserati and Ferrari to meet Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati.
An unforgettable day, two extraordinary events, especially the Turin –Modena- Maranello return trip aboard the Prince's personal Bugatti Veyron

004Turin Caselle October 17, 2008. The Boing 747-400 of the Kingdom Holding Company departing for Riyadh.005Turin Caselle October 17, 2008. The Boing 747-400 of the Kingdom Holding Company departing for Riyadh.

On December 22nd the final presentation of the drawings took place in Turin; a project appreciated by the prince but remaining a paper exercise. It was however, an important experience and the start of interesting relationship.

006Sketch proposal for a "one off "based on Bugatti Veiyron.

007Sketch proposal for a " one off " based on Audi R8.

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