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001002Brescia March 12, 2011.
Alfredo Stola with his 356 Speedster at the 1000 Miglia.s
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The name MONCENISIO is inspired by one of the most spectacular Alpine passes in Piemonte. With an altitude of 2083m, the Moncenisio Pass can be found just one hour away from Turin and connects Italy with France.
The exclusive shade of blue developed for the original design and for the prototype is inspired by the beautiful reflections admirable in the lake at the summit of the pass.

Its name is linked to motor sport history. The Susa-Moncenisio race is recognized as the first hill-climb competition in the world.
The first race in 1902 was won by Vincenzo Lancia in a FIAT 24hp.

005vincenzo lanciaJuly 27, 1902. Vincenzo Lancia wins the first edition of the Susa-Moncenisio climb behind the wheel of a Fiat 24 HP.006V Lancia Susa Moncenisio 19041925. Vincenzo Lancia climbs the winding
curves of the Moncenisio.

The idea to create a new coupé "fuoriserie" by STUDIOTORINO was born out of a desire to give continuity to the RK models produced up until 2008.
Wanting an opportunity to use as a base the superb new Cayman S Type 981 m.y. 2014.

007 2011 01RK Coupè
008cartello zuffeDecember 3, 2011. Zuffenhausen.
On the road toward The Porsche Museum.

009riflessoDecember 4, 2011. Zuffenhausen. Maria Paola and
Alfredo Stola as reflected on the ceiling of the splendid
Porsche Museum.

We had quite a bit of time to imagine this new "fuoriserie" and we began to think about it even more as soon as the possibility of a convertible version leaked to the press and was then presented at the March 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

After two special weekends, first, in Zuffenhausen, where we were inspired by the most beautiful museum a car lover can imagine, and second, at the Detroit Auto Show, where we admired the latest innovations, we were ready to take on our newest "fuoriserie all'italiana" project.

On January 7, 2013 during a flight to Detroit, Alfredo Stola asked Daniele Gaglione to imagine a new proposal to replace the RK Coupé.
And so it was that on board a Delta Airlines Flight 620, high above Greenland on an Airbus A 340, the first 'suggestion' for a new "fuoriserie" began to take shape. The name 'Moncenisio' wasn't even on the horizon…

010aereo disegnoJanuary 7, 2013. On board Delta flight 640 Daniele Gaglione sketches..011disegno...his first "suggestions" for the future STUDIOTORINO "fuoriserie".

012cartello detroitJanuary 9, 2013. Detroit Auto Show. Travelling
to the Cobo Hall
013salone detAt Cobo Hall to admire the new 
Porsche 981.

014 8C ghiglioneDaniele Gaglione had been working in Alfa Romeo Style Center from 2001 to 2011.
From 2002 to 2008 he was in the "Design TEAM Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione" directed by Wolfgang Egger. Under his supervision he covered the position of exterior designer for the 8C Coupé and Spider.
015 8CdisegnoThe design was performer in early 2002,
freehand by Daniele Gaglione, with technique
"pantone and chalk" in cold gray tones.

015 02Frankfurt Motor Show 2003 at the presentation of the "Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Concept". Present in the photograph Daniele Gaglione, Wolfgang Egger, Michael Schumacher, and the CEO of Alfa Romeo Daniele Bandiera.

015 03Then in 2007, as regards the "production" 8C Competizione, in the sales phase, Gaglione will appear in the film with the role of "Brand Ambassador Training" as representative of the “Centro Stile - Designer Esterni”. This DVD was delivered to each owner with the car.


The original  sketches for the  "bespoke MONCENISIO" painted with an exclusive blue color, were  drawn by architet Daniele Gaglione upon returning from the trip to Detroit in January 2013.

016galione stola January 2013 in Gerenzano (VA), Daniele Gaglione draws the one-off MONCENISIO.017disegno2January 2013 in Gerenzano (VA), Daniele Gaglione draws the one-off MONCENISIO.

018mps colori019collage colori

January 2013, Maria Paola Stola collects the possible colors to interpretate the coachbuilt MONCENISIO.
Shades of colors that better figure the MONCENISIO mountain pass.

This coupé has a unique and special body while maintaining all the structure, the chassis, the mechanical, the engine and it's emissions and safety features activ and passive of the vehicle of origin.
All the manual work related to the activities of modelling style, interior trimming, and body painting are develop using traditional "torinese" school.
This coachbuilt car has been conceived in a limited edition run.

020disegno side021disegno3 4front

022disegno top023disegno 3 4rear
The four drawings by Daniele Gaglione made in January 2013 upon returning from the trip to Detroit.The four drawings by Daniele Gaglione made in January 2013 upon returning from the trip to Detroit.

Back from the Detroit Auto Show 2013, where Alfredo could admire the new Cayman S type 981, he determines the MONCENISIO style.

024stola killerJanuary 30th, 2013. Alfredo Stola selects the ultimate style of the MONCENISIO. The English bulldog Killer attends…025moncenisio innevatoAn evocative winter picture of the snowy MONCENISIO's pass.

The production of the prototype started on June 3rd, 2013. The main steps included, among others, modelling, building the light molds, manufacturing the components, assembling and painting the body, and upholstery.

026modellazione mani 027stampi01



On March the 11, 2014 Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola presented the S.F. 1/1 prototype to Wolfgang Hatz, Grant Larson, Matthias Kulla, Conrad Hummel e Martin Khal in an informal meeting at Porsche Design Center in Weissach. It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience for Studiotorino, because of the legendary place and the extraordinary technicians present that day.

032 2014Weissach033 2014Hatz
11 Marzo 2014 Weissach. Wolfgang Hatz, Grant Larson, Matthias Kulla, Martin Khal e i signori Stola

034presentazione01Torino, March 21, 2014. At the National Automobile Museum of Turin, in the area dedicated to contemporary design, the unveiling of the MONCENISIO. An event organized by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola to meet with friends and dedicate the S.F. 1/1 prototype to the memory of Francesco Stola.



Torino, March 21st, 2014. MAUTO, Automobile Museum of Turin - Contemporary Design Area, Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola, Marco Goffi
and the director of MAUTO Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi present MONCENISIO to an invited public.

Francesco and Carlo Stola unveil the prototype.

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The prototype presented today is identified on nameplate with the code  S.F.1/1.  It is dedicated in memory of Stola Francesco, father of Alfredo; the chassis number is WP0ZZZ98ZEK181161.
With the new MONCENISIO, Studiotorino wisches to share with its clients and fans its passion for rare sports cars and continue to legacy of a now 95-year-old Family tradition of coach building.







057 2014Alfredo monceAs soon as conditions allowed, Alfredo Stola drove the SF 1/1 prototype on the historic "Susa Moncenisio" hill climb course.
The route is unchanged over the years, the same waterfalls, safety walls and timeless rock formations that, between 1902 and 1953, witnessed the greatest drivers and most beautiful cars as they took on the challenge of the famous course.
Legends such as Felice Nazzaro, Alfieri Maserati, Giuseppe Campari, Achille Varzi and Piero Taruffi. The magnificent Type 35 Bugatti, Ferrari 375 F1, Alfa Romeo 159, Mercedes Benz W 125, Maserati 4CTL / 48, and Cisitalia D46 have all conquered the 2,500 meter climb, making the test of the Moncenisio prototype all the more evocative.
An extraordinary experience for Studiotorino.

058 salita01

060 salita03059 salita02

061 salita04

062 logoBetween January 28th and 31st 2015, the MONCENISIO was tested in a drive of 1589 Km from Rovaniemi to Nordkapp and way back by Alfredo Stola. From the Arctic Circle in Finland to the continental northern-most road in the world in Norway. The purpose was to test the prototype in extreme conditions and verify all the new customized and modified parts of the car, such as air-intakes on the side and the front bumper.
Snow, ice, strong winds and freezing temperature of -26 C are the natural elements that we met in these unforgettable four days. For this event, that we called "Arctic Experience", the 2elle-engineering built the special 19' mono-block aluminum rims, equipped with winter tires with 880 steal spykes. Most likely, the MONCENISIO is the first "bespoke supercar" to reach the monumental steel globe in Nordkapp during the winter season.

063progetto lunga

064progetto 1065progetto 2

066progetto lunga2

067caponord ultima


Between the 8th and 12th 2016 of June, the Moncenisio S.F. 1/1 was displayed on the Studiotorino stand at the second " Salone dell'Auto 2016 Parco del Valentino" in Turin. A fitting tribute to our city and our desire to show the prototype once again to an estimated 500,000 visitors of the motor show.

068 201606valentino00Moncenisio S.F. 1/1 displayed at the second edition of "Salone dell'Auto Parco del Valentino".069 2016valentinoJune 8th, 2016 Turin; Maria Paola Stola welcomed Giorgetto Giugiaro to the stand.

070 201706nespoloxstola

071 201706to zu

072 201706nespolo01

Between 7th and 11th June 2017, the Art Car version of the Studiotorino Moncenisio was guest of the third edition of the “Salone dell'Auto di Torino Parco Valentino” on the stand "NESPOLO per Alfredo Stola".
TORINO – ZUFFENHAUSEN is the title of this art work and its purpose is to tell the story of the relationship between Turin and Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart) and the 33 Porsche designed and built in Turin since 1947.

073 201606 01di6074 201606 02di6

075 201606 03di6076 201606 04di6

077 201606 05di6078 201606 06di6

This intense story began seventy years ago with Ferry Porsche first journey to Turin in order to meet Piero Dusio to supervise the progress of the Cisitalia type 360. Since that day, 10 different models built by different companies, for a total of 33 units, is what remains of this story.

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A detailed and complete description of this period and the artistic tale depicted by Nespolo on Monceniso in Car Art version can be read by clicking on PRESS.
Ugo Nespolo also realised a short film of 180 seconds to show how he designed this artwork.

079 to zu01


Design specification and technical development will be supported by recognized and carefully chosen partners and sponsors of STUDIOTORINO.
Below we are posting 176 technical photos showing the entire process of making the prototype in detail and in chronological sequence. Special thanks to the 30 companies that collaborated with Studiotorino on this project (their trademarks are shown here).

082 sponsor01

Our partners and sponsors represent the excellence of workmanship in their field; each one with its specialty and sharing the common quest of creating a "bespoke" capable of hitting the road on a daily basis.

083 sponsor02

Our Sponsor/ Partners share with us our passion for rare custom built sports cars.

084 sponsor03

085modellazione tavole086modellazione side
Rivoli (TO), June 2013. TREDIT develops the mathematical calculations for the proportions research. VECTORIN's
reverse engineering of the original Cayman body preceded this phase.

087modellazione 3m088modellazione 3m2

089modellazione020090modellazione mani

091modellazione lello092modellazione lello2

093modellazione interni2094modellazione 91

095modellazione 92096modellazione 90
Rivoli (TO), June-August 2013. Following the coach building tradition of the 1950's, manual modeling takes place at the VIOTTI plant.
The material used is last-generation MODEL-RESINE. 3M selected the ribbons and special paper for the reflections.



Rivoli (TO), June-August 2013. Following the coach building tradition of the 1950's, manual modeling takes place at the VIOTTI plant. The material used is last-generation MODEL-RESINE.
3M selected the ribbons and special paper for the reflections.




Rivoli (TO), October-November 2013. VIOTTI builds the molds for the composite details. Specially selected materials by MODEL-RESINE.





Bistrita (RO), December 2013. BELCOAVIA builds composite "prepeg" details of Kevlar and autoclave polymerized carbon with microprocessor controlled high temperature and pressure.
(Front bumpers, right and left sides, rear tailgate and interior frame, rear bumper, rear extractor, spoiler.)



Rivoli (TO), July-August 2013. VIOTTI. Hand beating of the metal sheets near the fuel
cap area and closure of the rear side window openings.


Monteu Roero (CN), July 2013. La BENNATO & FIGLIO builds the fuel cap with forged aluminum
using technical numerical control.



Segrate (MI), September 2013. SKORPION, "rapid prototyping" specialist, develops and builds the stereolithography prototype of the tail pipe.

Ferrere (AT), July 2013. Sandblasting of the fuel cap by EFA MECCANICA.

Torino, June 2013. RAGNI builds the refined hubcap, engraved one at a time and hand-enameled.

Turin June 2013. Whil gold handcrafted plaquette.

143 2elle002144 2elle001

145 2elle01146 2elle05

147 2elle04148 2elle03

149 2elle02150 2elle06

150 2elle07151 2elle08
Trebaseleghe (PD), June-September 2013. 2ELLE-ENGINEERING builds the Moncenisio 20" forged aluminum separable wheel rims.
The exclusive writing on the channel is achieved through laser technology. Forged aluminum monoblock winter covers also are planned for production.

152 pneu01153 pneu03

154 pneu02155 pneu04

156 pneu06157 pneu05
Milan, September 2013. At the PIRELLI lab, four P ZERO tires are exclusively hand-sculpted with original
Moncenisio graphics to be used solely for the official presentation on March 21, 2014.

158 pelli01159 pelli02

160 pelli03161 pelli04
Torino, September 2013. MARIO LEVI Automotive Leather produces for Studiotorino the exclusive
made to order grain leather.

162 montaggio01163 montaggio02

164 montaggio03165 montaggio04

166 montaggio05167 montaggio06

168 montaggio10169 montaggio07

170 montaggio08171 montaggio09

172 montaggio12173 montaggio11
Rivoli (To), January 2014. At the VIOTTI facility starts the the final assembly of the prototype MONCENISIO S.F. 1/1F. 1/1

174 stabilus00175 stabilus03

176 stabilus01177 stabilus04

178 stabilus05179 stabilus06
Rivoli (TO), January 2014. At Viotti on a mobile lab, STABILUS makes the gas springs suitable for the lighter weight of the Moncenisio's rear tailgate.

180 lunotto01181 lunotto02

182 lunotto03183 lunotto04
San. Pietro Viminario (PD), VIRAVER makes the rear safety windshield. It is screen-printed
and includes an invisible defroster system.

184 pittura01185 verniciatura0013

186 verniciatura0014187 verniciatura0017
None (TO), January 2014. Maurizio Schembri and Giuliano Ditalia, technicians at GLASURIT define the technical painting cycle.
The selection of the Moncenisio Blue and other colors in the gamma were created by GLASURIT technicians under
the direction of Maria Paola Stola at the BASF laboratory in Cesano Maderno (MB) in May of 2013.

188 griglia02189 griglia01
Beinasco, (TO). RGTECH bends the front bumper grills out of standard aluminum sheet specially
chosen by Studiotorino.

190 terminale00191 terminale05

192 terminale02193 terminale01

194 terminale08195 terminale07

196 terminale04197 terminale06
Vilar S. Costanzo (CN). March 2014. INOXCAR builds the tailpipe out of forged aluminum with numerically
controlled milling and fits it to the original Porsche exhaust.

198 sellatura01199 sellatura08

200 sellatura06201 sellatura02

202 sellatura09203 sellatura03

204 sellatura07205 sellatura17

206 sellatura11207 sellatura10

208 sellatura05209 sellatura04

210 sellatura15211 sellatura20

212 sellatura18213 sellatura21

214 sellatura211215 sellatura16
Grugliasco (TO), February-March 2014. SALT-GAVINA, a historic Italian automotive and aeronautical upholstery company, builds the entire upholstery components
of the interior of the body. In the spirit of traditional Italian coach building, where this company has been a leading actor since the 1960's, highly refined,
manual and artisanal techniques have been implemented. Suitcase set also by Salt-Gavina.

216 sedile02217 sedile01
218 sedile03219 sedile04
Grugliasco (TO), July 2013. The LEAR Corporation supports Studiotorino with two carbon seats equipped with original Porsche side airbags.
The special upholstery is by SALT-GAVINA with MARIO LEVY Automotive Leather.

220 verniciatura00221 verniciatura001

222 verniciatura002223 verniciatura003

224 verniciatura12225 verniciatura11
226 verniciatura08227 verniciatura10

228 verniciatura09229 verniciatura07

230 verniciatura05231 verniciatura06

232 verniciatura01233 verniciatura02

234 verniciatura03235 verniciatura04
None (TO), February-March 2014. GR. PAINTING of Roberto Gatto prepared and painted the Moncenisio.
The aluminum body, steel sheet, Kevlar and carbon made the technical process particularly complex.
The personal experience and technical assistance of GLASURIT have allowed there to be an excellent result.
Hand mirror polishing of the car is typical for a "Motor Show Car".

 236 sacar02237 sacar01
Torino, March 2014. Sandro contributes with his experience to the transformation of the front DRL.

238 andreacon02239 andreacon01

240 andreacon03241 andreacon04
Varese, March 2014. ANDREA CONFEZIONI, a leading custom car cover company, supports Studiotorino
with the manufacturing of the refined cover and the exclusive drape for the
event organized by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.

242 robigraf01243 robigraf02

244 robigraf03245 robigraf04
Collegno (TO), March 2014. ROBIGRAF contributes its experience in graphics at the presentation of the partner brands and sponsors for the Moncenisio project.

246 montaggiofinale02247 montaggiofinale03

248 montaggiofinale05249 montaggiofinale01

250 montaggiofinale04251 montaggiofinale06

252 montaggiofinale04253 montaggiofinale06

254 montaggiofinale07255 montaggiofinale08
Rivoli, March 2014. At the VIOTTI plant, the last assembly phases, after the painting, are performed.

256 lucidatura1257 lucidatura2

258 lucidatura3259 lucidatura4
None (TO), March 2014. At GR.PAINTING final polish before the presentation.

260 backstage01 261 backstage02

262 backstage03263 backstage04

264 backstage05265 backstage06
Torino, March 2014. DEGLER STUDIO is the super-photographer of the MONCENISIO.