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Evocative poster reminiscent of the Stola Family's automotive work carried out between 1919 to 2019 in the modeling, prototype, cubing and engineering sectors. Alfredo Stola and his very small team, between 1919 and 1923, create different versions of the Lancia Lambda. Between 2018 and 2019 Studitorino is technical advisor for the showcar Iconiq Muse for Magna Steyr. We thank SPADACONCEPT for the realization of this graphic work.

Established by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola and Marco Goffi on 1 January 2005, STUDIOTORINO aims to design cars and create one-off sports car bodies. Unique handcrafted "ad personam" pieces or in limited editions, for those who see in cars their three-dimensional expression of dreams and emotions.
Alfredo's wish for 2019 is to be able to celebrate his family's 100 years of work in the Automobile industry.

Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola
Jan. 2005. Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola with Killer
driving a Porsche 356 speedster.

July 2006. Maria Paola Stola.
Marco Goffi
July 2006. Marco Goffi.

1982. Salò Maserati 200 SI, Alfredo Stola with his friend
Armando Cavallo at the 1st historical edition
of " Circuito del Garda"

For Studiotorino, also the study of Classic Cars is of great interest, In particular the historic concept cars created over the years by the illustrious masters of the industry.
STUDIOTORINO creates one-off for clients and collectors who share a passion for custom-built sport cars. Top-notch mechanics and meticulous handcrafted bodywork are the perfect combination for making "fine sports cars". The cars are built one at a time, piece by piece, in the finest Turin tradition. Additional technical support is provided by the best sponsors and partners.

The company's strategy relies on its organizational conception. It seeks partnerships with top-notch craftsmen and collaborates with the most prestigious names in the automotive field. Collaboration with the most renowned design schools and important projects with illustrious universities make STUDIOTORINO a point of reference for young students who have a special passion for automobiles.
Studiotorino also provides 'advisor' consultancy to primary brand operators.
Alfredo Stola
January 2005. Alfredo Stola selects the first sketches.

Alfredo Stola
Alfredo Stola in 1996 was the technical and commercial
project manager for the developing
of the model and concept-car Maybach.

Alfredo Stola 's 25 years of work experience in the model and show car sector and his close partnership with leading car builders is the guarantee that STUDIOTORINO will provide its passionate clients state-of-the-art technology and refined craftsmanship one-off sports cars.
Over the years, Alfredo has had the occasion to meet and establish relationships with some of the most extraordinary men in the automobile industry.

One of them was Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, during the construction of the two Cayenne "style models" for "Porsche Design" in Zeel am See in Austria between 1998 and 1999.

Years later, these extraordinary meetings in his historic office inspired my creation of studiotorino in 2005. Our first projects were based on the Porsche tipe 987 Boxster and Cayman.

Since January 2005, with STUDIOTORINO, Alfredo has combined his personal creativity and human and technological know-how to produce exclusive sports auto bodies that, just like show cars, are destined to remain unique and unrepeatable. They are entirely handcrafted and can satisfy the personal demands of every enthusiast.

Friendships and personal relationships born from a pure and shared passion are strong and on going. Men from the automobile industry, passionate people, and in particular "style and engineering masters" are an example and an uninterrupted source of inspiration for Studiotorino.

Turin January 2005. Aldo Brovarone at his home shows to Alfredo Stola the first drawings of the Ruf RK Spyder.

Turin 2005. Alfredo Stola and Marcello Gandini.

Frankfurt 2005. Shiro Nakamura - Nissan Infiniti- e A. Stola.

Vence, September 2005. Alfredo Stola with Paul Frère absolute winner in the Le Mans 24h race in the 1960
with his Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 and test driver for Porsche 901/911 and Mercedes C111.
Paul Frère was the first to test Rk Spyder for the magazine "Road & Track".

Milan april 2006 Castello Sforzesco.
Bruno Sacco -Daimler Benz- and A.Stola.

Alfredo Stola & Alois Ruf, Bahrain F1 GP 2006.

Detroit 2006. Walter de Silva -VW Group- Alfredo Stola,
Chris Bangle -Bmw Group-.

Detroit 2007 Gerry McGovern -Land Rover- and A.Stola.

Mncalieri May 2007, Mr. Ciardelli's RK Spyder before delivery in New Hampshire (USA).
Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola, Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro -Italdesign- and Marco Goffi.

Geneva 2007 A.Stola e Wolfgang Egger -Alfa Romeo-.

Detroit 2008. Peter Pfeiffer -Daimler Benz- A. Stola,
Gorden Wagener -Daimler Benz-.

Geneva 2008. Harm Lagay -Porsche-,
Roland Heiler -Porsche Design- and A.Stola.

Geneva 2009.
John Elkann - Fiat Group- Pierfranco Gavina,
the HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud
and A.Stola.

Detroit 2010. Freeman Thomas - Ford- and A. Stola.

Kirchen-Sieg 2011. A. Stola, Peter Arcadipane -Mitsubishi-.

Detroit 2012. Daniele Gaglione -Alfa Romeo- and A.Stola.

Geneva 2012. Giorgetto Giugiaro -Italdesign- and
Maria Paola Stola.

Geneva 2012. A.Stola and Flavio Manzoni -Ferrari-.
Paris 2012. Michael Mauer -Porsche- and A.Stola.

Dubai 2013. Marek Reichman -Aston Martin- and A.Stola.

Weissach 11 03 2014. Wolfgang Hatz -Porsche-
Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola.

Turin 2015 Frank Stephenson -Mclaren- and A.Stola.

Turin 2015 at "Parco del Valentino Salone & Gran Premio". Ercole Spada, Giorgetto Giugiaro, A. Stola, Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti.

Geneva 2016 Tiziano Novo - Magna Steyr Italia -
Harald Wester -Maserati, Alfa Romeo- and A. Stola

Geneva 2016 Maria Paola Stola, Robin Page -Volvo-
and Alfredo Stola.

Geneva 2016 Maria Paola Stola, Klaus Busse
-Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati e Abarth- and A. Stola.
Paolo Spada
Villa D'Este May 2016. A.Stola and Paolo Spada.

Geneva 2016 Gorden Wagener -Mercedes Benz, Smart-, Alfredo Stola and Steffen Köhl - Mercedes Benz, Smart -

Geneva 2018. A. Stola e Marc Lichte - Audi -

Geneva 2018. Horacio Pagani, A. Stola e M.P. Stola

Quail Lodge Carmel 2018.
Achim Anscheidt - Bugatti - and A. Stola.

Pebble Beach Monterey 2018,
Maria Paola Stola and Gorden Wagener - Mercedes Benz-

Dubai 2019 Bulgari Yacht Club Dubai.
Ralph Debbas W Motors, Tiziano Novo Magna Steyr, Alfredo Stola.

May 2019 Villa D'Este A.Stola and Adrian van Hooydonk -BMW-.

August 2019 Pebble Beach Calum Murray -Ford- and A.Stola.

On June 16, 2005 in Turin at the Museo dell' Automobile Biscaretti di Ruffia, with the presentation of its first prototypes, RK and R Spyder, STUDIOTORINO completed its first creative cycle and officially gave way to the upon-request production of the first "One Off" based on the Porsche Boxster my 2005 type 987.

Freeman J. Thomas
RK Spyder coachbuilt by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N. W09CM23876PR06058

Turin, 17 th June 2005, Rk Spyder and R Spyder at a Torino Magazine Party on Lingotto Track.

On August 18, 2006 in California, as a natural evolution of the project, STUDIOTORINO presented the RK Coupé at the "Quail Lodge" in Carmel, starting on this occasion the upon request production of the second "One Off" model based on the Porsche Cayman my 2006 type 987.

RK Coupè coachbuilt by STUDIOTORINO. Chassis N. W09CB03836PR06074

Carmel ( California ) August 19th, 2006. The RK Coupè in front of the historical fuel station "Gilmore".

2005 Rk Spyder delivered to Italy

2005 R Spyder delivered to Germany

2006 RK Coupè delivered to Italy

2006 Rk Spyder delivered to USA (Kansas)

2007 Rk Spyder delivered to USA (New Hampshire)

2008 RK Coupè delivered to Germany

On February 8, 2008 STUDIOTORINO started a second creative cycle. The "Scrigno Tesori d'Italia" exhibition in Rome provided the occasion to present the Maserati  "Cinqueporte" and Fiat 500 PEPITA born as  style, trim and colour project commissioned by Studio M.
An exclusive station wagon with a sporty character and a small car rich in detail.
Both custom-built cars as in our tradition with the support of the technical Parnters Salt Gavina, ADM and Daniele Gagione

1/4 scale model Maserati Cinqueporte.

Fiat 500 PEPITA is painted with real 24kt gold content.
The  tyres with gold walls supplied by Pirelli.

Maria Paola Stola. Dash-bord in mother of pearl, seats in embossed crocodile skin effect leather,interior details in swarovsky crystals.

September 5th, 2008, On behalf of STUDIOTORINO, Gianfranco Gavina (Salt), organized a meeting at the Hotel George V in Paris, Present were HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Alfredo Stola and the stylist Daniele Gaglione.
The prince requested two styling studies for a possible "One Off", to be realized on a chassis from an Audi R8 or Bugatti Veyron.

2008 Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris
HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Pierfranco Gavina - Salt, Alfredo Stola and Daniele Gaglione the designer.

Modena October 16, 2008. At the Maserati tower,
Harald Wester, HRH Khaled bin Alwaleed and Alfredo Stola.

Maranello October 16, 2008. The Prince with his
Bugatti Veyron visiting Ferrari.


The following October 16th , in order to examine the progress of the project taking place in Turin, Alfredo Stola organized a visit in Maserati and Ferrari to meet Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati.
An unforgettable day, two extraordinary events, especially the Turin –Modena- Maranello return trip aboard the Prince's personal Bugatti Veyron

Turin Caselle October 17, 2008. The Boing 747-400 of the Kingdom Holding Company departing for Riyadh.
On December 22nd the final presentation of the drawings took place in Turin; a project appreciated by the prince but remaining a paper exercise. It was however, an important experience and the start of interesting relationship.

Sketch proposal for a "one off "based on Bugatti Veiyron.

Sketch proposal for a " one off " based on Audi R8.

On September 12 in the year of "Torino World Design Capital 2008", Studiotorino celebrated with Fiat 500, an artistic personalization inspired by the "Diabolik" comic strips. An extraordinary choice to honor a symbolic car of Torino.

Throughout this project a special technological innovation is introduced: the Digital Printing Automotive Leather  (DPAL).


Villarbasse August 2009, the two 500 Diabolika
on a photo shooting before the delivery.

STUDIOTORINO presents a cultural, non-profit project: the COUPETORINO.
This is a single scale model inspired by the iconic Mercedes SL (R 230), in collaboration with the Istituto di Arte Applicata (IAAD) and Mercedes-Benz Design. COUPETORINO will make its debut December 12, 2008 at the "BESPOKE COACHWORK" exhibit to be held at Turin Gallery as part of the greater event "Turin World Design Capital 2008". 

15 luglio 2008 il disegno definitivo della COUPRTORINO m.y. 2008 approvato da Peter Pfeiffer.

Coupetorino scale model

Piotr Degler Jablonski graduated
at IAAD in July 2008.

Como july 9th, 2008 Mercedes-Benz style center; Professor Peter Pfeiffer and Michele Paganetti consider the sketches
In April 2009, at the prestigeous KING SAUD UNIVERSITY, along with MAGNA STEYR ITALIA, STUDIOTORINO began its collaboration exclusively as style mentor, accomplishing a "real project" integrated in the automotive engineering course.

GAZAL 1 KSU style model

The Première to present the style model called GAZAL 1 is at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010 at the King Saud University Stand. In June the project finishes with the presentation of a perfectly running prototype at the Royal Palace in Jeddah, before the presence of HRH King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, accompanied by the Minister of Education Khalid Al-Angara and the rector of King Saud University Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman.

GAZAL 1 KSU style model

Geneve, March 2010, the Gazal Syle model on
the King Saud University stand.

Geneve 2010, in the KSU stand from left
Alfredo Stola, Ali Al Samhan (ksu), Tiziano Novo
( Magna Steyr Italia) Saied Mohamed H. Darwish (ksu).
Alfredo Stola with the King Saud
University students in Riyadh.

Jeddah June 15, 2010. HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud with the direction of the KSU to the presentation of the perfectly running prototype of the Gazal 1.

On January 26, 2011, the RK Coupé is guest at the first Qatar Motor Show in Doha. During the initiative "The Masters of Italian Car Design in Qatar", the RK Coupé is shown at the Salt stand in the Anfia area dedicated to Italian coachbuilders.

Milan Malpensa Qatar Airways flight n.6036 12 january 2011
Airbus A310 destination Doha.

Doha January 26 th 2011, Studiotorino Rk Coupè at the first international Qatar Motorshow in the ANFIA stand.

On November 26th, 2011 Alfredo Stola was a guest speaker at the Art Department of Teheran University and gave two talks:  on "The Essence of Craftsmanship RK Spyder and RK Coupè" and on “Art and Cars”.
His lectures were part of the Style modeling course presented by the group of students preparing for the degree in  "Industrial-Car Design”.

The project, supervised by Professor Robert Sarkissian and the  group leaders Siavash Jafari Jozan and Mani Keramati,  was aimed at creating a "Style Clay Model" of an interior inspired by Audi R8.
This was for Studiotorino a truly unique experience as we worked with very knowledgeable professors and talented students, all sharing a rare passion for car design and its history.

Prima riga da sinistra: Mr Ramin Mahbobi, Mr Robert Sarkisian, Mr Cyrille Jegu, Alfredo Stola,
Miss Roza Hosseini, Miss Fatima Safikhani e Miss Leyla Ensaniyat.
Seconda riga da sinistra: Miss Tayebe Kharestani, Miss Mina Kasirifar, Mr Siavash Jafari Jozani e Mr Sam Antighechian.
On 11th of July, 2012 at the historic "Sursock Palace" mansion in Beirut, Ralph Debbas presents the W Motors company to the press and a selected audience composed by politicians and entrepreneurs.
On this occasion, the first details of the future Lykan model are unvealed, which is presented as the first "Middle East Hypercar" in this ambitious project.

Alluminum sculpture featuring the specific  lines of the future Lykan built by WMotors
Beforse exhibiting the style model at the Dohaa 2013 car salon, there have been two preparatory meetings in Turin with Magna Steyr and Studiotorino, in order to study the whole project and its technical feasibility. The refined design by W Motors has been entirely developed in Beirut by Ralph Debbas and Anthony Jannarelly.

At the end of the first press conference in Beirut.
From the left : Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Saari El Khalil, Titian Novo and Anthony Jannarelly.

An unforgettable moment of the Inauguration party in Beirut.

Ralph Debbas during his first speech to the Event
guests in Beirut.

On January 28, 2013, W Motors, www.wmotors.ae, presents its worldwide Premiere of the Lykan style model at the Qatar Motor Show in Doha. In cooperation with Magna Steyr Italia, Studiotorino advised to the construction of the style model. The extraordinary design of the Lykan hypercar has been costructed by Antony Jannarelly under the watchful eye of Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors.


A toast of the working team during the Lykan style model construction on Secoli plant. Rivoli, November 2012. From the left:
Turi Suraci, Lello Locantore, Sergio Boero, Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Anthony Jannarelly,
Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Flavio Secoli, Davide Secoli.

Doha, January 28, 2013, Qatar Motorshow, world premiere of the Lykan style model in the W Motors stand.
Sari El Khalil and Sultan Abu-Sultant introduce the Lykan to the Qatar Prime Minister and
Foregin Affairs His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jalsor al Thani.

COUPETORINO m.y. 2013 is a non-profit academic project conceived by Studiotorino and promoted by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola. Its goal is to train six young students who attend Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design di Torino (IAAD) directed by Laura Milani.
The first joint study between STUDIOTORINO and Steffen Koehl of Global Advance Design MERCEDES BENZ was to transform the new iconic Mercedes SL spider into an exclusive Coupe.

September 27, 2012 Paris Autoshow. Alfredo Stola shows
the first student's drawings to Steffen Koehl.

Official poster of the project COUPETORINO

Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola in the classroom with the students.

Como, May 27, 2013 Design Center Mercedes Benz, final presentation of the project. I. Moriggi, C. Zanot, S. Manini, B. Arena, A. Stola, D. Pellegrino, S. Koehl, MP. Stola, L. Milani, M. Paganetti, M. Bavaro, R. Cascone.

The final presentation of the study took place in Como on May 27, 2013 at the MERCEDES BENZ Design Center directed by Michele Paganetti.
The event was presided over by Koehl and Paganetti and completed with a 1/4-scale version sponsored by SKORPION, a multimedia presentation of the work and display of the six illustrations accomplished by each student in complete freedom of creativity.
For more information concerning PROJECT and STYLE Click Here


One of the 6 free drawing made by the students.
June 9, 2013, STUDIOTORINO annunces to the press the project and the drawings of the next "prototype" named MONCENISIO, derived once again from the Porsche Cayman S type 981.
The MONCENISIO's styling is the work of architect and log time friend of Stola family, Daniele Gaglione, who has generously put his signature to the design. The prototype will be presented in Torino at the beginning of spring 2014.



Between June 18 and October 29, 2013, two of our prototypes, the 2005 RK Spyder and the 2006 RKCoupè, were displayed at The National Automobile Museum, MAUTO, in Turin. The two prototypes will be displayed alongside seven Italian and German design masterpieces as part of a semiannual exhibition on auto body design.
For us at STUDIOTORINO it was a great privilege to be invited to participate aboard true icons of design at one of the most important museums in the world.
Our participation at the exhibition allows us to think with excitement that the RK models are becoming "classics".

Turin June 18 / November 5, 2013, at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin, together with the STUDIOTORINO RK Spyder and Coupé, ALFA ROMEO 8C Spider and Coupè, BMW 1000 Miglia, GIUGIARO Parcour, GIUGIARO Brivido, LANCIA Delta Integrale Spider, STOLA S81, STOLA Abarth Monotipo, Lamborghini Cala, Lamborghini Egoista.

On the occasion of the tenth design contest  " Autostyle Design Competition " arranged by Berman S.p.a. in Porto Mantovano  on October 5th   2013,  Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola presented the project named "COUPETORINO  on  MERCEDES BENZ SL".
Among the other guest speakers were Robin Page (Volvo), Alessandro Maccolini (Alfa Romeo) Flavio Manzoni (Ferrari) and Giovanni Ribotta (Maserati).
It was a great opportunity  to meet some of the most world-renowned  key players in car business as well as students from the most prestigious design schools all over  the world. 

Porto Mantovano. Maria Paola Stola present "COUPETORINO su MERCEDES BENZ SL".

Villa di Bagno - Porto Mantovano.

Flavio Manzoni and LaFerrari, star of the event.

W Motors www.wmotors.ae presents its World Premiere pre-production car  “Lykan HyperSport 2014” at the Dubai International Motor Show on November the 5th 2013.
The extraordinary design was conceived and realized by Ralph Debbas and Antony Jannarelly from W Motors.
STUDIOTORINO was involved in the pre-production car realization  as an “advisor”, assisting Magna Steyr Italia in all activities pertaining to “interior maquette modelling” and “prototype support team"

Firs line from left:  R. Iraldi, B. Comollo.  Second line from left:  C.Carena M.Marangon, G. Buttiglieri, D.Secoli, F.Secoli, R.Debbas, T.Novo, R.Debbas, A Stola S.El Khalil, J Khabbaz, A. Jannarelly. Therd line from left:  C Obbreja, G.Benaggia, S.Suraci, P.Damiano, N.Candido, W.Miranda, G.Scardino, V.Vernacea, E.Rizzardi, S.Boero, G.Federici, S.Lo Piccolo, R.Brilli, M.Ravizza, M.Bonando, M.Mingozzi, G.Boccafogli, M.Coletto.

Dubai, November 5, 2013, Ralph Debbas and Sari El-Khalil, of W Motors, at the world prémière
of the "pre production car" Lykan Hypersport 2014, at the Dubai International Motor Show.

March 21st, 2014. National Automobile Museum of Turin, MAUTO. Presentation of the new MONCENSIO Coachbuilt.
Derived from the Porsche Cayman S Type 981.


The MONCENISIO maintains the original structure, frame, mechanics, engine, emissions, and safety and reliability characteristics of the vehicle of origin.
Traditional Turin school methods of manual modeling and styling of the body, painting and interior trimming will be utilized.
The MONCENISIO'S styling is the work of architect Daniele Gaglione, long time friend of the Stola family, who has generously given his name to the design work.
The styling was inspired by the 1963 Porsche Type 904 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and continues as well as evolves the styling of Studiotorino's 2006 RK Coupé. More contemporary, clean and dynamic lines characterize the MONCENISIO.


The one-off Moncenisio STUDIOTORINO on the Moncenisio Pass Road. The interior and exterior colors have been inspired by the beautiful nature of the lake and fields. The bold trim and colors was done by Maria Paola.
June 13th, 2014. On the occasion of the 150° anniversary of Magirus Deutz,at Ulm Head Quarter in Germany, besides the whole production, of two functional prototypes of a new generation crew cab for First Aid Fire De-partment was presented. Studiotorino and Spadaconcept, in partnership, were advisors for Magna Steyr Italia about technical and style design.

The style drawing by Spadaconcept.

Iveco facility in Ulm. The Magirus Deutz truck with the
functional prototype. Alfredo Stola, Flavio Secoli, Raffaele Sperandeo, Massimo Mingozzi e Davide Secoli

The functional prototypes has got 7/8 workstations, fully equipped in any detail. Engineered by Magna Steyr, it has been conceived around the fireman, focusing on the ergonomics of the man fully equipped for emergency with oxygen tank. On the occasion of this important anniversary, these special trucks have been visited and tested by hundreds of fire workers from all over the world. This was a very important marketing operation.

Rivoli, May 24th, 2014. the functional prototype before
leaving to ULM

Ulm, June 14, 2014 Sergio Marchionne, CNH Industrial
N. V. president, attending the 150°anniversary event,
look over the fire fighter functional prototype.
On April 24th, 2015 in Beijing, STUDIOTORINO had been invited at the Fast and Furious 7 Prémière organized by Universal. A very important and exclusive event with the movie stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham.
STUDIOTORINO, who is the Magna Steyr Italia advisor, supervised at the construction of the red stunt cars "W Motors Lykan Hypersport" employed in several scenes of this movie production.

From left Tiziano Novo (Magna Steyr), Ralph Debbas (WMotors), the movie star Jason Statham,
Sari El-Khalil (WMotors), Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino).

"EXPO TO" May 27-September 27 2015
Torino, "EXPO TO" May 27-September 27 2015. Studiotorino is proud to participate in the "Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio" and "Modus Vivendi" events with it's three classic prototypes: Ruf RK Spyder, RK Coupé and the new Moncenisio.
Conceived by Andrea Levi and supported by a distinguished committee, the goal of "Parco Valentino" is to commemorate with an original automobile exhibit what was to be the last Formula 1 Grand Prix in Torino in 1955.

Ruf RK Spyder and Ruf RK coupe in the first edition of the " Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio "
"Modus Vivendi" is an exhibit organized by Cav. Rodolfo Gaffino, director of the Turin National Automobile Museum, presenting 14 automobiles that have become legendary for having made special journeys.
Every car has an exciting story to tell of travels to new and different worlds far away from home.
Our Moncenisio is perhaps the only "prototype" to have reached the Steel Globe in Nordkapp in the dead of winter.
Just For the record, the northernmost point in the world passable on paved roads was reached on Jan. 30, 2015.
Nord Kapp
January 30, 2015 h 11.30 am: Alfredo Stola at the "steel globe" 71° 10' 21" - N 25° 47' 40" E

The Moncenisio "Arctic Experience" at MAUTO together other 13 extraordinary autos and IVECO's Overland truck,
all of them leaders of extreme travels on the world roads.
The theme of the meeting with Adolfo Orsi was inspiring. The topic of the thesis presented by Davide De Martinis, conceived and proposed in conjunction with Studiotorino, was: THE NEW MASERATI MOTORCYCLE m.y. 2016. Not many people know that MASERATI produced motorcycles between 1947 and 1960. A meeting with someone so influential in the history of MASERATI was not an opportunity for Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola to miss in their roles as research supervisors for the thesis. The aim of the thesis was two-folds: to analyze the history of the MASERATI MOTO and to imagine what its latest model would look like today if it had not gone out of production.

February 8, 2016. The POST LAUREA DEGREE (IAAD) design by Studiotorino with Davide De Martinis. Project tutors for the style were Paolo Spada and Emanuele Battista of Spadaconcept. Research supervisors were Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.
Davide De Martinis obtained his Laurea Degree in Transportation Design on July 9, 2015 at the Italian University For Design IAAD, Torino. Luca Bar and Marco Vendrame were his thesis advisors. Paolo Spada and his colleague Emanuele Battista of Spadaconcept were his tutors on behalf of Studiotorino during his “Post-Laurea” period. They dedicated their passion and even some of their free time. The name given to the imaginary re-invented motorcycle was VCM 322. It was chosen as a nod to the historic MASERATI address in Modena at Viale Ciro Menotti 322.

Torino, July 9, 2015. The graduation commission:
A. Stola, L. Milani, L. Bar.

Davide De Martinis with research supervisors Maria Paola
and Alfredo Stola at the presentation of the thesis.

Paolo Spada and Davide De Martinis during a
creative moment.

The first drafts of a Maserati motorcycle inspired
by the classic bikes of the 50’s and 60’s.
The VCR 322 DNA, is that of the 50cc motorcycle Type T2 Super Sport m.y. 1956, despite the great difference in engine capacity. The frame, the shock absorber details, the front fender, the color and the graphics have also been our references. There are also some automotive tributes, such as the holes on the frame and the plexiglass front lamp fairing pipes from the Birdcage Tyoe 61, the triple exhausts inspired by the iconic elements on the Quattroporte front fenders and wheel spokes from the GranTurismo.
The engine architecture, a 1000cc V6 90 degrees, it is not accidental, It is an homage to Ing. Giulio Alfieri, Maserati technical director between 1955 and 1975.
It took inspiration from SM engine employed on the Maserati Merak and later on the 1000 V6 Laverda, when in the 1977 Alfieri was consultant in this famous motorcycle company.

The details of the VCM 322

The details of the VCM 322
Read the THESIS. Click Here

On November 10 2015 W Motors, www.wmotors.ae, presents its worldwide premiere of the Fenyr style model at the Dubai Motor Show. In cooperation with Magna Steyr Italia, Studiotorino advised to the construction of the style model. The extraordinary design of the Lykan Supersport has been costructed by Antony Jannarelly under the watchful eye of Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors.


The Fenyr styling model at Mercury, before delivery. From left to right T. Surace, R. Iraldi,
R.Saist, C. Obbreja, M. Mingozzi, D. Secoli, F. Secoli, T. Novo, C. Carena, A. Stola, G. Doglioli,
M. Storey, C. Mantovani, F. Stola.

Dubai, November 10, 2015, Ralph Debbas and Saari El-Khalil, of W Motors,
at the world premiere of the style model Fenyr Supersport.


March 1, 2016 at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show. The LYKAN in red livery by W. Motors was presented at the MAGNA stand for the first time in Europe since its cinematographic appearance in Fast and Furious 7.
For the hypercar protagonist of the successful 2015 Universal Studios production, MAGNA ITALIA produced some of the stunt cars in 2013. Most of these were subsequently destroyed during the dangerous scenes. STUDIOTORINO was involved as an advisor for the restoration and finalization of the prototype for MAGNA STEYR ITALIA.

Rivoli, February 2016 at Mercury. The Lykan before its departure to Geneva. From left: E. Rizzardi, S. Suraci,
R. Sais, G. Comollo, M. Mingozzi, F. Secoli, D. Secoli, C. Carena, T. Novo, A. Stola, M.P. Stola, R. Gatto.


The late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham filmed all the Lykan scenes at the studios in Atlanta except for the jumps between the three skyscrapers which took place in Abu Dhabi. Paul Walker’s brother doubled for him in the jump scenes. The film was delayed one year due to the tragic loss of the actor.
Vin Diesel who plays Dominic Toretto says behind the scenes: “This is the first film that Dom is caught in a car like that.”
In the first scene with the Lykan, Paul Walker says: “There’s seven of these things in the world and this guy keeps it locked in a vault.”

Geneve 2016, Tiziano Novo CEO Magna Steyr with the Lykan with the red livery at the MAGNA Stand

The Lykan back stage in the movie.

Since the 1970’s, Art and Automobiles have come together in some of the most important museums in the world. Artists such as Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol have all expressed their creativity on BMW bodywork.
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, in wanting to express their passion for the Porsche brand, have commissioned  artist Ugo Nespolo to create a unique artwork portraying the prototypes that they have created between 2001 and 2014.
Titled “Nate a Torino”, Born in Turin, the work was presented at the artist’s studio on 22nd March 2016 and is currently displayed at “MAUTO” , the national automobile museum in Turin.

Turin, March, 22 2016, Ugo Nespolo at his atellier.
Between the 8th and 12th of June 2016, the Mont Cenis S.F. 1/1 was displayed on the Studiotorino stand at the second " Salone dell'Auto 2016 Parco del Valentino" in Turin. A fitting tribute to our city and our desire to show the prototype once again to an estimated 500,000 visitors of the motor show.

Moncenisio S.F. 1/1 displayed at the second edition of "Salone dell'Auto Parco del Valentino".
We were especially proud of the request from Gabiele Morosini, founder and CEO of “Cars and Coffee Italy”, to display our now classic prototypes, the RUF RK Coupe and Spyder, at the event. The event was framed by the Valentino Castle and the prestigious Faculty of Architecture in Turin.

Salone dell'Auto Parco del Valentino
official poster.

Ruf RK Spyder and Coupè prototype at Valentino Castle in Turin during Cars and Coffee gathering.

June, 11, Gabriele Morosini President of
Cars and Coffee Italia and Alfredo Stola.

Beijing On July 3rd, 2016 in in the ball room of the Beijing Hotel, the model named SEVEN was shown to selected guests of the national entrepreneurial world. The model SEVEN belongs to the new automotive company ICONIQ. The model in the city of Rivoli surrounded by the workers.

Rivoli, June 20th 2016 , the model SEVEN in the Mercury factory. From the left R.Iraldi, E.Rizzardi, G.Aiola,
F.Secoli, G.Boccafogli, D.Secoli, G.Comollo, T.Novo Alan Wu, A.Stola, Karim Banna.

ICONIQ and SEVEN are an idea of Mr Alan Wu, whose target is to create an exclusive and luxury MVP full electric traction. Along with the engineering support of Magna and the design by W Motors, Studiotorino carried out the duties of technical advisor for Magna Steyr for the realization of the exterior model.

Beijing, July 3rd, 2016. The SEVEN by ICONIQ presented
at the prémière in Beijing.

From the left: Hassine Sioud, Bruno Lambert, Tiziano Novo, Ralph Debbas, Alan Wu, Sam Fu, Alfredo Stola, Exequiel Disalvo, William Wu.

On the 4th of July 2016, Nicola La Torre presented his final work to the commission of the IAAD University. The external mentor was Maria Paola Stola, representing Studiotorino.
The title of this interesting work is " The New Smart Roadster".

Turin, 4 th of July 2016. The commission of the IAAD University: M. P. Stola, L. Milani, M. Vendrame, G. Concilio.

The IAAD Director Laura Milani and the research supervisor Maria Paola Stola listen to Nicola la Torre's exposition.

La Torre has been influenced by one of Studiotorino's distinguish features and he has reinterpreted with great personality the boot and its two posterior (pillars). An important element of this composition is the exclusive interview to Michael Mauer, organized by Maria Paola, considering his past experience as Director of the Style sector in Smart, for two years.

Read the THESIS. Click Here
October2016 Design developed in the "Post Thesis" with Gaglione as Tutor.

On July 8th Giuseppe Iuliano exposed his final work “ ALFA ROMEO DUETTO ANALISI DEL MITO E IPOTESI CONTEMPORANEA” at IAAD in Turin. It is a very important topic for Studiotorino because Alfa Duetto was one of the most important design expression in the Italian automotive world. Aldo Brovarone and Alfredo Stola were the external relators of this final work.


March 2016: Iuliano meets Aldo Brovarone (creator of the
DuettoDNA through the prototypes Pininfarina Super
Flow in 1956) in his house.

September 2016. Work of the Post Degree program of
Giuseppe Iuliano and his tutor Daniele Gaglione.


On the 50 th anniversary of the presentation of the Duetto model, the final work analized the potential evolution that this car could have had if it had never gone out of production. The research studied,in an unconventional way, the stylistic evolution of the Porsche 911 and the Mazda Mx-5 in order to understand the staylistic dynamics from 1994 to these days.


July 8th 2016: Giuseppe IUliano exposes his final work to
the IAAD commission in Turin.

Iuliano and the Commission: A. Stola, A. Brovarone,
L. Milani, M. Vendrame, M. Di Marco.
The architect Daniele Gaglione (Alfa Romeo Design Center in Arese 2001-2010), the tutor of this final work, contributed with generosity and passion to create a Post Degree program  with Giuseppe Iuliano. The purpose of this collaboration is to refine the design and find a more genuine Alfa Romeo DNA.

August 2016 the architect Daniele Gaglione and
Giuseppe Iuliano at the first Post Degree meeting.

May 2003 Villa D'Este: Daniele Gaglione exterior designer
of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.
Read the THESIS. Click Here
In China, on April 19th during the AUTO SHANGHAI 2017, IQONIC presented two drivable prototypes, model SEVEN in Vip and Premium version. This project was strongly wanted by Mr Alan Wu and Mr Sam Fu and it hadj the target to create an exclusive luxory van with electrical traction for the Chinese and Middle East markets

Rivoli,  April 10 2017 at Mercury company. F.Secoli, R.Saist, T.Novo, A.Stola, D.Secol, B.Comollo, M. Meloni, A.Benvenuti, C.Mantovani, G.Novo, R.Gatto, R.Iraldi, B.Aiola, N.Candido, G.Boccafoglio, C.Carena, Domenico, R.Brilli, P.Germano,
L.Curbis. M.Storey, M.Gargano. Mirko Paolo , Habib, S.Speek, T.Ivan. Emes, M.Stok, Martino, J.Beldman ,C.Nardelli.
The style design of the Seven has been developed in W Motors style center in Dubai by Ralph Debbas and Exequiel Disalvo in order to better understand the taste and demand of the future customers.
The developing and engineering of the Seven were fully carried out by Magna Steyr Italia directed by Tiziano Novo, the prototypes were built by Mercury, STUDIOTORINO was technical advisor of the Austro-Canadian company supervising the construction of them.

Model Seven VIP version on the ICONIQ stand at Auto Shanghai 2017

Model Seven PREMIUM version on the ICONIQ stand at Auto Shanghai 2017

Between the 7th and 11th of June 2017 the art car version of the Studiotorino Moncenisio was displayed on "NESPOLO for Alfredo Stola" stand, on the occasion of the third "Salone dell'Auto di Torino 2017 Parco Valentino2.
TORINO - ZUFFENHAUSEN is the title of the artwork which tells the story of the link between Porsche and the constructors, designers, and body workers from Turin from 1947 up today.
All the stories began seventy years ago with a design contract between Cisitalia and "Studio Porsche".
The first trip to Turin by Ferry Porsche to supervise the construction of the single seater CISITALIA TYPE 360 Grand Prix car, was the beginnig of the story.

The MONCENISIO painted by Nespolo is a tribute to "33 SPECIAL AND RARE CARS" all designed and built in the Turin area, and to Cisitalia, Abarth, Bertone, Italdesign, Stola and Studiotorino workers who were involved in these projects.

Mayor Chiara Appendino visit the stand: Family Stola, C. Appendino, A.Levi. 

The minister of transport Delrio, and the President of the region Chiamparino at the Studiotorino Stand.
On November, 29 2017 in Dubai, Ralph Debbas, WMotors CEO, presents the prototype Fenyr Supersport in world premiere. It is the opening of the representative office and showroom in partnership with ICONIQ MOTORS for the United Arab Emirates.

Rivoli, November 23, 2017 in the Mercury plant. Three days before the dlivery.
From the left Massimiliano Mingozzi, Roberto Sais, Pier Giuseppe Germano, Luca Corbelli, Silvano Grosso, Walter Isabello, Valentino Varnacea, Dilve Mingozzi, Giuseppe Aiola, Hermes Rizzardi, Ing Beppe Comollo, Carlo Mantovani, Davide e Flavio Secoli, Tiziano Novo, Alfredo Stola, Gianfranco Bernello, Mario Caldarola, Luca Curbis, Maurizio Damiano, Stefano Vair.

At the cerimony, very important political figures and entrepreneurs of the Arabic penisula and China were present.

Dubai, November 29, 2017, Ralph Debbas and
Alan Wu cutting the bow of the new showroom.

Alan Wu ( Iconiq ), Tiziano Novo ( Magna Steyr )
e Ralph Debbas ( W Motors ).

Alan Wu and Ralph Debbas unveil
the Fenyr Supersport.

The guest at the event in the
W Motors - Iconiqs Show Room.
Derived from the styling model presented at the 2015 Dubai motor show, after two years of stylistic refinement by W Motors, and technical development by Magna Italia, the first model arrived.
The prototype is aimed at a limited edition production that would be made entirely by hand, customizable by customer request.
STUDIOTORINO were technical advisor to the Magna Steyr Italia Team for modeling, prototyping and engineering support activities.
In parallel to the Fenyr presentation in Dubai, on the 29th November 2017 the scale model of the Iconiq L5 was shown at its own world premiere.
Designed by W Motors, the L5 is a vision of the future of autonomous mobility in the luxury segment.
The goal of Iconiq is the realization of a highly detailed 1:1 scale opening model to be presented at the beginning of 2019. STUDIOTORINO has been advisor to Magna Steyr Italia for the surfacing and build activities of the scale model.

Rivoli settembre- novembre 2017. Presso lo stabilimento Mercury le fasi di costruzione della Iconiq L5.
Da sinistra Hermes Rizzardi, Flavio Secoli e Luca Curbis.

Dubai 29 novembre 2017 Ralph Debbas e Aln Wu presentano in premiere mondiale insieme
alla Fenyr Supersport il futuristico modello in scala Iconiq L5.
On 12 December 2017 in Turin, Aitor Aguilar presented his degree thesis to the IAAD commission. The external speaker for STUDIOTORINO was Maria Paola Stola

"E 914 TAYRONA" is the title of the thesis; the choice, shared with the student, was proposed by STUDIOTORINO, with the brief being to create an electric Porsche 914.

Aitor Aguilar, illustrated a contemporary reinterpretation of the 914 in a modern style, imagining the first 100% electric-powered sports Porsche.
Two doors, two seats, with a particular look at leisure and adventure, for a modern and dynamic clientele. Colors, graphics and the name “Tayrona” all suggestive of the graduating students native Colombia.

Villarbasse November 2017: Aitor Aguilar,
Maria Paola Stola and Wladimir Lasbugues. 
Wladimir Lasbugues (since 2013 Centro Stile JAC) has also been supporting the thesis “E 914 Tayrona”. Thanks to his passion, and alongside Maria Paola Stola, he helped Aitor to instill as much of the original 914 DNA as possible into the new “E 914 Tayrona”.
Read the THESIS. Click Here

Geneva, March 6th 2018, the moment of the
official presentation.
On March 6 th, 2018, at the eightieth Geneva motorshow and for the first time in Europe, Ralph Debbas officially presented the FENYR SUPERSPORT from the W MOTORS stand. Present at the event were technical partners Kevin Dallas from MICROSOFT, Philippe Jarre from AKKA, Alfredo Stola from STUDIOTORINO and Tiziano Novo from MAGNA STEYR Italia.

Geneva, 6 March 2018, Alfredo Stola and Tiziano Novo, General Manager of Magna Steyr Italia,
with the Fenyr prototype.
At the same event, Alan Wu showed the press and the public the scale model Iconiq L5 with the promise to complete a full scale opening model for the beginning of 2019.
Present at the event were technical partners Tiziano Novo of Magna Steyr Italia, Kevin Dallas of Microsoft, Philippe Jarre of Akka, and Alfredo Stola of Studiotorino.

Ginevra 6 marzo 2018 presso lo stand W Motors - Iconiq in premiere europea il modello in scala Iconiq L5.

6 giugno 2018 taglio del nastro dell’Area Prototipi.  
Maria Paola Stola la sindaca di Torino Chiara Appendino, Andrea Levi, Piero Mancardi,
Aldo Brovarone e Alfredo Stola.
Between 6th and 10th June 2018, Studiotorino participated in the 4th Parco Valentino Turin Motor Show.
The Moncenisio was exhibited in the prototype section with over 20 other specials, the RUF RK Coupé and Spyder took part in the presidents parade on opening night at the Valentino Porsche 70th anniversary grand prix.
The Studiotorino classics are a source of pride for the company, Andrea Levi, patron of the event, and Alessandro Simoni, of Porsche Piedmont, requested their participation.

Torino 6 giugno 2018 Piazza Castello.
La STUDIOTORINO Moncenisio guidata da Maria Paola Stola insieme a Marco Foglizzo alla parata dei Presidenti.

Torino 6 giugno 2018 Castello del Valentino.
Francesco e Alfredo Stola con la Ruf RK Coupè alla partenza della parata dei Presidenti.

Torino 7 giugno 2018 Via Roma.
Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola alla parata
70° Porsche Gran Premio del Valentino.
The 500 Diabolika, a special edition by Studiotorino from 2008, participated in the "457 Stupinigi Parade Experience".
The event was organised by Omar Ruzza to celebrate the 71st birthday of the Nuova 500.
A selection of 25 rare examples followed an evocative road route, starting from the Castle of the Stupinigi, via the Castello del Valentino, the Murazzi sul Pò and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, before finally arriving in Piazza Bodoni.

10 giugno Castello di Stupinigi.
La 500 Diabolika insieme alle due 500 Zanzara
di Spada ed a una 500 attuale di produzione.

10 giugno 2018 Reggia della Venaria.
La famiglia Stola riceve dalla Paul Picot un premio per la dedizione verso le auto storiche.
Da sinistra Carlo, Francesco, Stephanie, Maria Paola, Alfredo Stola, Andrea Levi,
Gabriele Morosini, Roberto Falcone e Enrico Di Luca.
On 10 June 2018, Stefano Busto presented his degree thesis to the IAAD University of Turin commission; external speaker was Maria Paola Stola representing STUDIOTORINO.
The title of the thesis is "CCC" - Connected Circadian Car, 2025.

La commissione IAAD: M.P. Stola, Laura Milani,
Pietro Nume e Matteo Doro

Stefano Busto espone le tesi alla commissione IAAD.
Disegni manuali di ricerca di stile prima della redazione delle matematiche.
Stefano Busto, developed for Studiotorino, a Volkswagen branded medium-sized vehicle for daily travel and pre-defined routes.
The imaginary prototype is equipped with a human-machine interface that facilitates its driving by optimizing the driver's experience.
From the example derived from Formula E, at the first Grand Prix of Rome on April 14, 2018, the auto-robot that opened the race, increased its knowledge by learning from the driver and then challenged him on the circuit.
The Circadian Connected Car, where infrastructures are lacking, create points of reference by learning them from the everyday, almost as in the biological cycle of nature.
Visual markers, such as coloured tyres and other components, serve to identify self-driving cars, as required by the first amendment emanating from the state of California.
Read the THESIS. Click Here

L'Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ è prima di categoria (1600cc) alla
32° della 24ore di Le Mans con il pilota Bruno Deserti.
On June 12th 2018, at the Spadaconcept studio in Moncalieri. For STUDIOTORINO it is a morning to remember.
Ercole Spada donated a precious original watercolor with a dedication especially for Alfredo Stola. At the delivery of the art-work, his son Paolo is present with his design team.
The picture depicts the Alfa Romeo TZ2 and the Giulia TZ at the 1964 24-hour race at Le Mans.

12 giugno 2018 Moncalieri. Ercole Spada e Alfredo Stola presso lo studio Spadaconcept.
On 26th August 2018, the Fenyr participated at the "Monterey Motor Week", at the Pebble Beach cconcours in the area dedicated to style prototypes and concepts.
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola visited this event for the pleasure of seeing Fenyr on the "geen" of the most important concours of elegance in the world and meet again Ralph Debbas.

Monterey 25 agosto 2018. Tutti gli amici di Ruf il giorno prima di raggiungere The Quail Lodge.
Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola sono stati ospiti della famiglia Ruf all'evento.

26 agosto 2018 Al concorso di eleganza di Pebble Beach Ralph Debbas, Maria Paola Stola con la Fenyr.
Monterey 26 agosto 2018. Il concorso di Pebble Beach è sempre occasione d'incontri.
Alfredo Stola e Gorden Wagener insieme con la Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow.
Steffen Kohl, Klaus Busse, Maria Paola e Alfredo Stola.
February 13, 2019 ,18.00. At a strictly confidential event at their Dubai showroom, Iconiq presented the "Muse" fully opening model.
The occasion was a meeting between W Motors, the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahamed Al Maktoum and other guests.

Rivoli settembre 2018 Alfredo Stola insieme ad Alan Wu CEO Iconiq all'interno del modello Muse.

Rivoli 18 dicembre 2018 presso Mercury la Iconiq L5 Muse.
Da sinistra X, Y, Z...
Magna Steyr has engineered for Iconiq Motors the development of this door opening model, STUDIOTORINO was its advisor.

13 Febbraio 2019 Dubai.
Bernd Pichler sta per scoprire l'Iconiq Muse.
The objective of the event was to show the self-driving prototype at Expo Dubai 2020.
Present at the event, Alan Wu, president of Iconiq, important Emirate political and business figures and technical partners Tiziano Novo of Magna Steyr Italia, Alfredo Stola of STUDIOTORINO and Ferreol Marande of Akka.
The Muse was developed from the L5 scale model previously unveiled on 29 November 2017 also in Dubai .
The design of the Muse is the work of the W Motors Style Center, and represents the personal visions of Alan Wu and Ralph Debbas on the future of autonomous driving mobility in the luxury car segment.
The official press and public presentation of the Muse by Iconiq is scheduled for April 16th at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019. In prima fila Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas e Ishak Belhout. In seconda fila Jeremy
On the morning of the presentation, in preparation for the event, the team met in the show room in order to review the prototype and check the final details before the arrival of the important guests.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019 ore 10:00.
Alfredo Stola e Tiziano Novo posano per una foto ricordo con alle loro spalle il modello Iconiq Muse.
Alfredo Stola, Tiziano Novo, Alan W e Ralph Debbas per la prima volta seduti insieme all'interno della Iconiq Muse.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019. I Team Iconiq, W Motor, Magna Styer Italia, Akka e Studiotorino.
Da sinistra Ijaz, Jérémy Sachot, Nael Alieh, Gareth Davies, Younes, Maria Paola e Alfredo Stola, Tiziano Novo, Benoit Fraylon, Ferreol Marande, Ralph Debbas, Alan W, Karim Banna, Franck Euvrard, X, Y, Martin Hermida, Bernd Pichler, Z, Catherine Debbas.

Dubai 2019. Le sette foto ufficiali della Iconiq Muse di frante alla Head Quarter della W Motors.
W Motors ha realizzato il design della Muse.
Gli interni della Muse sono funzionanti. Il sedile anteriore ruota di 180° e gli schermi della plancia anteriore e del video dietro il sedile anteriore sono interattivi e a comando vocale. Tutta l'illuminazione è a led con colorazione variabile.
On 16 April 2019 at the Shanghai motor show, three new products will be presented to journalists and the public on the "Iconiq - W Motors" stand.
The second generation of the two Iconiq Seven showcars in VIP and Premium versions, and the Iconiq Muse already shown in Dubai on 13 February 2019 at a "strictly private" event.
The two,"almost" definitive, Seven models represent the evolution of the two versions with respect to the showcars presented two years earlier at the same Chinese show. Their final production and electrical configuration is expected towards the end of 2021.

Rivoli 4 aprile 2019: Varnacea, Curbis, Secoli, Prandi, Stola e Comollo in un meeting pre-delibera

Alfredo Stola posa pochi minuti prima della foto ufficiale

Corbelli, Stola, Secoli, Curbis, Novo e Debbas

Carlo Mantovani, Alfredo Stola e Tiziano Novo

Rivoli 4 aprile 2019 Presso la modelleria Mercury Alfredo Stola immortala il momento della delibera prototipi
alla consegna da parte del P.M. Iconiq Jack Yuan direttamente a Tiziano Novo General Manager di Magna Stayer Italia.
Magna Steyr has engineered for Iconiq Motors the development of these prototypes, STUDIOTORINO was its advisor.

Rivoli 4 aprile 2019 presso la modelleria Mercury la Iconiq Seven in versione Vip.
Da sinistra: B. Comollo, X(il tedesco), L. Curbis, P. Germano, Y, D. Ruffa, V. Vernacea, R. Gatto, H. Rizzardi, L. Carbelli,
S. Vaiz, Sokol, W. Isabello, S. Grosso, R. Vernacea, Susy, Z, Jack Yuan, Finlandes A, Filndese B, M. Mingozzi, D. Mingozzi,
R. Debbas, M. Barge, M. Hermida, T. Novo, Andrea, D. Secoli, F. Secoli, C. Mantovani, A. Stola e S. Prandi.

Rivoli 4 aprile 2019 presso la modelleria Mercury la Iconiq Seven in versione Premium.
Da sinistra: L. Corbelli, B. Comollo, P. Germano, L. Cuebis, R. Gatto, D. Ruffa, V. Vernacea, Sokol, S. Grosso, X, Y,
D. Mingozzi, S. Vaiz, W. Isabello, H. Rizzardi, R. Vernacea, Finlandese A, Filandese B, M. Mingozzi, Jack Yuan,
M. Hermida, R. Debbas, T. Novo, D. Secoli, F. Secoli, C. Mantovani, A Stola, S. Prandi.

Shanghai 16 aprile 2019 Aln Wu presidente di Iconiq sta per svelare ai giornalisti i tre prototipi Iconiq.
Shanghai 16 aprile 2019 Le Iconiq Seven in versione Premium e Vip.
Shanghai 16 aprile 2019. Gli interni dell'Iconiq Seven in versione Vip.

Shanghai 16 aprile 2019 L'Iconiq Muse.
As part of this premiere, the original W Motors Lykan, star of the film Fast and Furius 7, in an unusual white livery, and a W Motors Fenyr Hypersport, will also be on the stand.
Studiotorino, on behalf of Magna Steyr Italia, acted as technical and management consultant for these three projects in the construction of the models and prototypes.

Shanghai Ralph Debbas, Alfredo Stola, Tiziano Novo e Aln Wu

Shanghai W Motors Team: Ishak, Fraylon, Jeremy, Debbas, Disalvo, Novo, Stola (Magna Italia e Studiotorino)

Shanghai 16 aprile 2019. Alfredo Stola e Tiziano Novo posano per una foto ricordo davanti al modello Muse.
On 16 May 2019, STUDIOTORINO was a guest at the third edition of the "World Intelligence Congress" (WIC) , Tianjin. The theme was "Looking forward: New Era of Intelligence and New Opportunities". Participating in the debate on the future vision of motor vehicle mobility and interconnectivity using 5G systems.
The discussion was conducted by Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors, the other participants were:

Tianjin 16 maggio 2019 L'ingresso
esterno del centro congressi.
Carsten Breitfeld, CEO Iconiq, Michel Wang, MD Microsoft, Tiziano Novo, GM Magna Steyr Italy, Abbes Fouzi, CEO Akka technologies, Ali Omar, CEO Safe City Abudabi and Alfredo Stola, President of Studiotorino.

WIC Alfredo Stola al microfono, seduti da sinistra Ralph Debbas, Michel Wang, Alfredo Stola,
Abbes Fouzi, Tiziano Novo, Ali Omar e Carsten Breitfeld.

WIC Ralph Debbas, Michel Wang, Alfredo Stola,
Abbes Fouzi, Tiziano Novo.

WIC Tiziano Novo.
An international exhibition of the latest technological products from a variety of sectors such as robotics, electronic systems for the aeronautical and railway industry, the use of 5G in urban safety, latest-generation electric accumulators, and electric-powered automotive.
For the occasion, Iconiq exhibited all of its products, with the Concept Muse, designed by W Motors, taking centre stage having already been presented at the Shanghai Motor Show a month earlier.

La cantante Tingting e Bernd Pichler presentano la serata di gala nel palazzo Grat Qing.

Da sinistra i signori Wei, Novo, Wu, Lin e Stola.
The day ended with an unforgettable event hosted by Alan Wu, CEO Iconiq, in the historic Great Qing building whose origins date back to 1636.
Present at the gala dinner were the management of Iconiq - W Motors, industrial and political representatives of the city of Tianjin, and the technical partners of Microsoft, Akka, Magna Steyr Italy and Studiotorino.

Evocative poster reminiscent of the Stola Family's automotive work carried out between 1919 to 2019 in the modeling, prototype, cubing and engineering sectors. Alfredo Stola and his very small team, between 1919 and 1923, create different versions of the Lancia Lambda. Between 2018 and 2019 Studitorino is technical advisor for the showcar Iconiq Muse for Magna Steyr. We thank SPADACONCEPT for the realization of this graphic work.
In 2019, the presentation of the Iconiq Muse concept, conceived with electric traction andlevel 5 autonomous driving, is a special occasion for the Stola family as they celebrate a century of automotive work.
The Lancia Lambda in 1919 was the first wooden "demonstration model" made by Alfredo Stola Senior, today in 2019, another Alfredo Stola is technical and management consultant in the creation of the Iconiq Muse open door model made of resin and carbon fiber.From different eras, these demonstration models are linked by technical innovation using construction methods and the vision of their creators and clients projected into the future.

From both 1919 and 2019, two teams of workers who created demonstration models of Lancia and Iconiq.
The Lambda model was built in Corso Racconigi 138, Turin, the Muse in Via Ferrero 21a, Rivoli.

June 19, 2019 at the Parco Valentino Exhibition in Turin, Andrea Levi presented Alfredo Stola with an award on behalf of the Honorary Committee for the Stola Family's 100 years of work with the automobile.
This unique and unrepeatable moment is an opportunity for all the family members to gather together at the historic Valentino Castle and enjoy the recognition of their family's achivements in the car industry.
Torino 19 giugno 2019. Andrea Levi, insieme a Leonardo Fioravanti e a Paolo Pininfarina consegnano a Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola il riconoscimento “ I 100 anni di lavoro della Famiglia Stola per l’automobile”.

Torino 19 giugno 2019. Da sinistra: Carlo Stola,  Francesco Stola,  Maria Stola Aimo,  Alfredo Stola,  Nena  Stola Gollo,  Margherita Stola,  Patrizia Stola Flor,  Claudia Stola,  Maria Paola Stola Ariusso,  Stephanie Stola e Sergio Pininfarina.
On 30 June 2019, on the occasion of "Elègance et Automobile at Monte-Carlo, the Lancia Strato's Zero, receives the" Prix Spécial du Jury "award Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Monte Carlo June 30, 2019. Phillip Sarofim receives the "Prix Spécial du Jury" award from Princess Charlene.
The previous May 27 at the Lingotto track in Turin, Alois Ruf (Ruf Automobile) introduced collector Phillip Sarofim to the Stolas, before a test of the Zero in preperation of the concours d’elegance.
Turin May 27, 2019. Alfredo Stola is entrusted with Strato's Zero for tests on the Lingotto track.

Turin, May 27, 2019. On the parabolic of the Lingotto track, Alfredo and Maria Paola
are excited by this unusual experience.
After the test, Studiotorino was entrusted with the task of giving the prototype a complete mechanical overhaul with the aim of having it in optimum condition in the Principality on June 26th.
The upcoming event would include a 40km mountain rally, so it would be necessary to take into account the conditions associated with both steep climbs as well as intense city traffic and how these very different situations would affect engine temperatures.
Well aware of the responsibility towards one of the most iconic Concept Cars in the history of the automobile, born from the genius of Marcello Gandini, this mechanical restoration would need to be approached with absolute technical and historical rigor. So, it was decided to entrust the work on the Strato's to the experts of the “Ferrari Service Torino ” workshop.

Turin, May 29, 2019. Alfredo meets Aldo Carrabs,
owner of the Ferrari Service centre.

Turin 29 May 2019. A souvenir photo with the Zero.
G.Madonia, A.Stola, and A. Carrabs.

Turin, May 30, 2019. At the Ferrari Service centre, Gandolfo Madonia began working on Strato's Zero.
Madonia previously worked at Fiat in the “experience department and later in the“ Lancia museum ”.

Turin, June 5, 2019. Gandolfo Madonia begins the delicate phase of engine overhaul.
He has 40 years of experience with this complex engine from the Lancia Fulvia Coupé.
Turin 10 June 2019. Absolute rigor for originality is shown in the work on the prototype’s engine.
The Lancia 1600 HF Testa Gialla motor was originally installed in 1970 with a completely different layout to the 1965 Fulvia Coupè from where it was sourced.
27 days of very careful work was carried out by mechanics Aldo Carrabs and Gandolfo Madonia with the continuous assistance of Alfredo Stola, culminating in a controlled test on the Lombardore track.
Lombardore 20 June 2019. Gandolfo Madonia, and Alfredo Stola begin the tests on the track. The main objective
is to check the water temperature. The weather conditions of that day on the track show 28 degrees Celsius.

Lombardore 20 June 2019. The Strato's Zero is subjected to two 30-minute test sessions, each at
a particularly fast pace, at the end of which the prototype was be left to idle for another 30 minutes.
Lombardore 20 June 2019. The Team checks and discusses the results of the tests on the track.

Lombardore 20 June 2019. A souvenir photo before returning to the Ferrari Service centre.
Aldo Carrabs, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, and Gandolfo Madonia.
All the objectives requested by Alois Ruf on behalf of his client were respected. For Alfredo and Maria Paola, such an iconic project will always be remembered with affection, especially with regards to Mr Sarofim and the birth of their new friendship.

Monte Carlo 29 June 2019. In the Piazza del Casinò the Strato's Zero parades in the dynamic test in front of the jury.
At the wheel Phillip Sarofin together with Alois Ruf.

Monte Carlo June 30, 2019. Maria Paola Stola,
delighted by the "Prix Spécial du Jury" prize
won by Phillip Sarofim.
With STUDIOTOINO  thesis projects with graduating students from Iaad university have become a reoccurring event, and the 100 year anniversary make this moment even more important. 
The titles proposed for the two students this year are particularly ambitious: "A contemporary concept of the Ferrari Dino" and " an italian one-off based on a classic american muscle car".
“Dino ipotesi contemporanea” è il titolo proposto da STUDIOTORINO per la tesi di laurea esposta da Cristiano Umana il 5 luglio all’Università Iaad di Torino.
L’intenzione, ancora più di mostrare un ipotetico stile, è quella di studiare come possano essere nati straordinari progetti da una straziante storia d’amore di un padre per un figlio, destinato a morire giovanissimo per una malattia degenerativa.

Torino 26 marzo 2019, il primo studio di Cristiano Umana per arrivare alla Dino contemporanea.

Maranello 1954, Enzo e Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari
insieme dalla finestra di via Abetone inferiore 4.
Di questa tesi, la cosa che colpisce di piú è che Enzo Ferrari per il cambiamento tecnologico più importante sulle sue automobili, ossia lo spostamento del gruppo propulsore tradizionalmente anteriore verso la posizione centrale posteriore, scelse il motore 6 cilindri a V.
Un motore studiato dal giovanissimo Alfredo Ferrari  e non a caso marchiato con il suo soprannome “Dino” solo dopo la sua morte.
In casa Ferrari questa straordinaria innovazione di riposizionamento del gruppo motore-cambio, avviene nel 1961 per la prima “Formula 1”, nel 1962 per la prima “Sport Prototipo” , e nel 1968 per la prima “Gran Turismo” di serie.

1961 Ferrari 156 F1

1962 Ferrari 196 SP

1968 Dino 206 GT
Affrontare lo stile di un’automobile di Maranello è presuntuoso, ma trattandosi di una tesi di un giovane studente,  è da cosiderarsi un tentativo coraggioso e meritevole.
Prima di iniziare i lavori si è pensato di portare letteralmente lo studente prima al Salone di Ginevra, e poi a Modena e Maranello per  fargli respirare la magica atmosfera dei luoghi dove è nata la leggenda.
Passeggiata esterna della fabbrica, visita ai due musei, e assaporare il cibo nei ristoranti storici sono state le tappe formative.

Torino 10 marzo 2019, un disegno preparatorio di Cristiano Umana
per imparare a conoscere le sinuose curve della Dino classica.
Affrontare lo stile di un’automobile di Maranello è presuntuoso, ma trattandosi di una tesi di un giovane studente, è da cosiderarsi un tentativo coraggioso e meritevole.
Visti questi presupposti, prima di iniziare i lavori si è pensato di portare letteralmente lo studente prima al Salone di Ginevra e poi a Modena e Maranello per respirare la magica atmosfera dei luoghi dove è nata la leggenda.
Visione esterna della fabbrica, visita ai due musei e assaporare il cibo nei ristoranti storici sono state le tappe formative.
Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola, relatori esterni, hanno invitato l’amico Wladimir Lasbugues come tutor per avere il parere di un designer professionista con l’obiettivo di far cogliere a Cristiano Umana ogni minimo dettaglio storico, estetico e tecnico utile alla tesi.
2500 cc, 4 cilindri turbo e un electric power unit sono le caratteristiche che generano il nome di questa gran turismo ibrida “Dino 254 GT-H”, le dimensioni di questa dino sono: lunghezza 4300mm, larghezza 1850mm, altezza 1200mm, passo 2550mm, e aparte l'altezza che è la stessa si può dire che rispetto alla Ferrari 488 è un'auto più piccola di circa il 19%.
In questa tesi è immaginata anche una versione spider con il classicco tettuccio tipo targa, anche in questa occasione il nome è "Dino 254 GTS-H".
Ginevra 5 marzo 2019. Alfredo Stola con lo studente Cristiano Umana al Salone dell'Automobile casualmente
incontrano il Direttore del Centro Stile Ferrari, l'Architetto Flavio Manzoni.

Modena 23 marzo 2019, di fronte alla casa della Famiglia Ferrari una foto ricordo
di Alfredo Stola, Cristiano Umana e Wladimir Lasbugues.
Modena, 23 marzo 2019. Nel museo Ferrari Wladimir Lasbugues racconta a Cristiano Umana la Dino 246.
Maria Paola Stola, Wladimir Lasbugues e Cristiano Umana in una foto ricordo al centro del museo.

Castelnuovo Rangone 23 03 2019. Da Pasticcino M.P. Stola,
C. Umana, A. Stola, Pasticcino, W. Lasbugues e C. Stola.

Maranello 24 03 2019. Ristorante Il Cavallino M.P. Stola,
C. Umana,A. Stola, W. Lasbugues e C. Stola.

28 marzo 2019, Alfredo Stola e Cristiano Umana.

Alfredo Stola, Cristiano Umana e Maria Paola Stola

I disegni preparatori per la tesi di laurea "Dino ipotesi contemporanea"
I disegni preparatori per la tesi di laurea "Dino ipotesi contemporanea"
Torino 5 luglio 2019. Cristiano Umana espone la tesi "Dino ipotesi contemporanea"

Torino 5 luglio 2019. Presso l'università IAAD la commisione composta da Alfredo Stola, Maria Paola Stola,
Laura Milani, Pietro Nume e Alessandro Camorali.
Qualche giorno dopo l’esposizione della tesi, ci si è ritrovati a Villarbasse per impostare uno studio “Post Tesi”.
In questo modo il Tutor Wladimir Lasbugues ha potuto trasmettere a Umana tutte le migliorie in termini di affinamento linee e colorazione.
Cristiano Umana, senza più la pressione degli esami, ha potuto completare il disegno e quindi simulare in un certo senso un vero ambiente di lavoro e un responsabile a cui riportare un risultato.

Villarbasse 24 luglio 2019. Circa tre settimane dopo l'esposizione della tesi, Maria Paola ospita il
designer Wladimir Lasbugues che in veste di Tutor esamina e corregge i disegni di Cristiano Umana.
L'obiettivo è affrontare insieme un periodo "Post Tesi" per ottenere un risultato più professionale possibile.

14 agosto 2019. Questo disegno è il risultato del lavoro "Post Tesi" di Cristiano Umana sotto
la supervisione del suo Tutor Wladimir Lasbugues.

Settembre 2019 nel lavoro di post tesi si è immaginata la versione spider con il classico tettuccio rigido tipo targa.

Settembre 2019 nel lavoro di post tesi si è immaginata la versione spider con il classico tettuccio rigido tipo targa.
"An italian styled One-Off based upon a classic American muscle" is the title given by STUDIOTORINO for the graduating thesis project of the student Luca Barattolo exposed on July 5th at IAAD university of Turin.

"An italian styled One-Off based upon a classic American muscle"

The external relators, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, asked for the designer Emanuele Bomboi as a tutor to make sure that the student seized every possible historical, technical and external detail from the world of muscle cars.
Right from the start the main inspiration was the "Ford Mustang I Concept" from 1962, and through this thesis maintained the original layout of a mid engined 4 cylinder vehicle just as Ford designers engeneered it more than half a century ago.
The 2019 Torino is conceived with a Ford powered 4 cylinder supercharged V engine that produces 270hp paired with dual front electric motors that increase the total horsepower to 520.
The powertrain strongly differs from the contemporary Mustangs with the typical big block front mounted V8.
The name of this Mustang is Torino and the two tone stripes are made with the same colors of the city where this thesis was born.

Detroit 1962. La foto ufficiale Ford Mustang I, a sinistra il Vice Presidente Ford Herb Misch e il direttore del design Gene Bordinat. Motore centrale, 1500 cc,, V4 109 cv sono le caratteristiche tecniche del propulsore.

29 marzo 2019 Luca Barattolo e Maria Paola Stola.

Maggio 2019. Emanuele Bomboi, L.Barattolo e M.P. Stola

Lo schema tecnico ibrido della Mustang Torino.

I primi bozzetti di Luca Barattolo.

I primi figurini di Luca Barattolo.

Ricerca grafica ispirata ai colori della città di Torino.
Torino 5 luglio 2019. Luca Barattolo espone la tesi “Una fuoriserie all’italiana su una classica muscle car americana”

Torino 5 luglio. La commisioni di laurea Maria Paola Stola, Laura Milani, Pietro Nume e Masato Inoue.
Qualche giorno dopo l’esposizione della tesi, ci si è ritrovati a Villarbasse per impostare uno studio “Post Tesi”.
In questo modo il Tutor Emanuele Bomboi con grande energia ha potuto trasmettere a Luca Barattolo tutte le migliorie in termini di affinamento linee e colorazione.
Luca Barattolo, senza più la pressione degli esami, ha potuto completare il disegno e quindi simulare in un certo senso un vero ambiente di lavoro e un responsabile a cui riportare un risultato.

Villarbasse 24 luglio 2019. Circa tre settimane dopo l'esposizione della tesi, Maria Paola
ospita il designer Emanuele Bomboi che in veste di Tutor esamina e corregge i disegni di Luca Barattolo.
L'obiettivo è affrontare insieme un periodo "Post Tesi" per ottenere un risultato più professionale possibile.

14 agosto 2019. Questo disegno è il risultato del lavoro "Post Tesi" di Luca Barattolo
sotto la direzione del suo tutor Emanuele Bomboi.